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Recently, I participated in a study about Otherkin. Basically, just a handful of in-depth interview questions. Some brought to mind things I perhaps need to point out to new readers and old, and I might even post my answers to other questions as I expand upon them.

Now, for those that have read my whole blog, you may have noticed contradictions. The stuff I wrote in the beginning might not match up with things I’ve posted more recently. Well, it’s because I’m still discovering all of this Otherkin stuff within me. It’s a progression, much like the rest of my spiritual beliefs. A “wip” or “work in progress.”

The other thing I realized I need to work on is to keep these posts shorter. I’m certainly guilty of either skimming or passing by on blog posts that are just too long, and unless I’m recounting a unique dream (as I will in the next post) I can pretty much keep most other posts a bit shorter. I may also end up reposting my posts here to one or two message-board sites I like, such as Kinmunity and Spiritual Forums. Maybe FaceTube, too.

Posted by: kentauros | February 27, 2015

Centaur Writing

One thing I’ve done at least a couple of times in the past is to write myself (or someone like me) as if I have been turned into a centaur, along with many others in the world. It’s always by magic, because I simply don’t ascribe to the DNA-method as I find it rather boring and too materialistic for my tastes. Plus, the materialistic method is often used to point out just why centaurs “can’t” truly exist based on known physics, DNA, equine biology, and so forth. Don’t care. In my worlds, they work because of magic. Read More…

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Helping Kin

It’s always nice when even just one or two people tell you that your blog has helped them in figuring out something about them. In my case, it happens to be about Otherkin. I am positive that plenty of people with decades of experience in the kin-community likely have developed similar and more in-depth musings on the “Otherkin Condition.” I’m rather late to the party, having only been officially Awakened within the last few years (that is, I finally admitted it to myself after at least a couple of years of research.)

And yet, my words on and pondering of the subject have helped a few. No matter what you do, hearing that someone has come away from your posts with a positive outlook truly does feel good! So, here’s to those we’ve helped with our blogs, and to those of us that have something to share, however unusual it might seem.

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Just a little something off-topic tonight…

In the past few months I’ve been hearing some scratching and chirping noises coming from the ceiling and walls of my bedroom. All noises were in the corner of the room that is also the corner of the building.

At first, I thought maybe some birds had set up a nest in the eaves (the fascia boards are rotting in places, and will be replaced soon because of this fact.) Later, with the sounds coming directly from the walls and the ceiling instead of merely outside of my window I thought “Great! It’s mice or worse, rats!” (Any time someone moves out around me it always stirs up whatever local fauna in the building, and I notice a temporary increase in activity in and around my apartment.)

This past weekend as I was doing laundry, I commented about this problem to one of my neighbors as we mutually complained about our landlord’s inability to stay on stop of things around here (it’s not as bad as it sounds.) Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | September 4, 2014

Seeing Time

It’s a topic that all too often causes people to stop listening, or even thinking, due to how complex it seems. I’m going to attempt to simplify it in ways people can readily imagine.

First, think of how we live in Time in our physical lives. It’s linear because that’s how life works in this reality. So, we can only think in terms of this came before that, and that comes after now. It’s a progression of past events from right now. (If you want to confuse yourself, just watch the clip of Col. Sanders trying to explain to Dark Helmet about “Now-now” in Spaceballs.)

So, we think of our lives in Time as a series of events, moments, and memories in a long line. You could literally lay out every memory on a 2-dimensional line, from a beginning point to a present point. Think of them as an image facing along the line to the present moment. (Some that are old enough might think of film slides in a slotted board with all facing to the end called their Present Moment.) Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | August 26, 2014

Infinite Spirit

So, I have Mira Kelley’s book “Beyond Past Lives” and am reading it, if a bit slowly (only on chapter two at the moment.) However, it has brought up something more related to how I perceive Other Lives (y’all may call them “past lives.”) This chapter covers her introduction to “simultaneous time” as well as a statement from her first regression-client that “Time is infinite.”

I guess I never thought much about it being infinite, still stuck in linear-time thinking with regards to the physical universe. However, in the context of Time being simultaneous, and in non-physical reality, it now matches up with other similar thoughts about Source and Spirit.

The physical universe is finite as far as the three dimensions go. Plus, even with the idea that Source could have recreated the same universe in every possible incarnation (that is, every possible choice, direction of particles, and so forth) you’d still have a finite number of incarnations. Sure, it would be an improbably huge number we probably can’t comprehend at the moment. However, Source is also infinite. And so, such a huge number of possibilities is well within its ability to imagine. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | July 22, 2014

Other (Centaur) Lives

Recently I was sending healing Light and energy to an online friend, and received help from both AA Raphael and Kheiron. Now, while I do manage at this kind of thing fairly well, my mental focus is not the best. Thus, my mind was jumping off to other places as I worked on this friend.

One such jump had me talking with Kheiron towards the end of my work, and I did pretty much end my healing session at that point. I hadn’t specifically envisioned myself in centaur form for the healing, but the subject came up between Kheiron and I. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | June 18, 2014

Connections Among Lives

I know I’ve talked about my centaur lives a fair amount on this blog. It’s why I set it up, and to talk about other subjects close to me, especially in the New Age variety of spirituality. I’ve attempted to analyze the why of my connection to centaurs, the why of my love for that form, and begin to discover more such lives beyond the first one detailed in the beginning.

A thought came to me the other day, and I have yet to explore it in a way that would satisfy me most. That is, why do I have this strong connection to lives that do not number more than all the human lives I’ve had when I don’t get the feeling that I have had such a connection to being human while in a centaur life. That is, as a centaur, did I ever have an “Otherkin” sense of being a human? Have I ever dreamed I was a human in one of those non-human lives? How did I react? Was the connection to being human as strong as the centaur-lives in this human life? And did I have strong connections to my other non-human lives while in centaur-lives, such as my few djinn-lives, and the other as-yet-not-fully-discovered-lives outside of these categories?

It’s convoluted thinking, I know, but I had to have lived those other lives in “normal” ways comparable to what I know in this waking life. This is another step in self-discovery. I may have to pose a condensed question to Denise Linn or any of the others that get into past lives. It would be interesting to read or hear of anyone that’s ever spoken of a past life where they were pondering remembered other lives, even if all are more than likely “just” more human lives. Meditating on this idea beckons…

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