Posted by: kentauros | March 31, 2019

Pre-Writing Challenge, Day 2

Y’all may be confused by this title, but that’s because yesterday was a fiction-prompt, and I’m not posting it. It turned out to be a good idea, worthy of a short story at least, so I want to develop it.

Now, where did all this begin? At the beginning, as usual.

No, I recently bought the book 5,000 Writing Prompts by Bryn Donovan. Within the introduction is a writing challenge to spend two weeks writing for fifteen minutes per day on one of the many prompts. The method of choosing is to flip through the book and stop on one at random. As I bought the ebook version, it’s difficult to do that, or it is on my elder Kindle. Maybe the newer e-reader devices allow for doing such a thing; I don’t know.

So, I basically transcribed the entire table of contents so that I would have a base for the rolling of dice. Well, I’m still a D’n’D gamer of some sort, though it’s all done online now and not in person on a tabletop. There are sites for digital dice-rolling and you can customize them to roll any number-sided die.

With the book, there are sixty-five sub-categories, and each one says how many prompts are within. Easy peasy. Roll a 1d65, and then roll again with whatever is the number of prompts in that chapter.

My next actual writing challenge (as in next, this evening) I will be doing the writing within the prompts-chapter on autobiographical and blogging. The first roll gave me the sub-chapter, and the second roll gave me the choice of writing about health and appearance. Should be fun!

I’m posting it next, once I’m done editing. I will keep it as complete as I can. That’s the point of non-fiction texts: be honest, especially with yourself.

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