Posted by: kentauros | January 10, 2019

Hither and thither, from place to place.

As anyone who has stumbled in here in the last year can attest, I haven’t been writing much. And yet, I still write, just not on the blog. What’s worse, is that I have several posts on my AlphaSmart that I have written up. I could post them, in a while. They’ll need editing.

Like a repeat of last year, I’m dealing with a bothersome tooth. However, unlike January of last year, I am thankfully not dealing with that urological problem I had and endured for several months after. The only additional issue is the seemingly seasonal upper chest congestion which required prescriptions from my doctor.

Speaking of her, I think I made her day, her month, her year, when I was asking her about dosage for the Symbicort inhaler I need but can’t afford. When I showed her a print-out of a Canadian online pharmacy (found through an excellent site called PharmacyChecker) she was stunned at the difference in price. Here, a 160-puff/4.5mcg per dose Symbicort inhaler costs $312. Whereas on the one site I ended up using, the generic 4.5mcg/puff inhaler was 360 doses for $55 (the generic is not offered in the US of A.) I gave her the printout because she was going to help one of her other patients, due to their insurance rejecting payment of the same medication.

Right now, even though I’m on an antibiotic for my tooth, I have a 99 fever. I wondered why I was still cold even with the heat on (normally it heats quite well.) I’ll probably take a melatonin and go to bed soon.

One reason I felt the need to update this besides needing to blog some more, was to at least give any new viewers a look at some of my insights and into my psyche. That’s what the Internet is for, or at least for blogs. I’ll get into more Otherkin thoughts soon, including one djinni-centaur life that reads well enough to be a fictional story. I have considered turning it into a book.

My publishable writing has suffered from me focusing more on my Otherkin lives and musings within that topic. While I could certainly have something people might like to read, I have an existing story where I have bogged down in editing and figuring out how to tie certain passages together. I had written them when I had an idea and did not have an idea of where they’d go within the whole story. Plus, I really need to twist my villain more and show how she gets that way. One of my favorite villains is Alfred Bester of Babylon 5, because while he is despicable, he still manages to have a heart in there somewhere. Character-complexity is perhaps my nemesis.

Well, I think it’s time to trot off to bed, once I take something for this fever.


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