Posted by: kentauros | September 16, 2017

Another Kintype?

It’s about time I made a new post. I have written things for posting in the past and then nixed them, so let’s do a spur of the moment one.

The Otherkin stuff remains on my mind, even though I’m pretty well settled with the identity of centaur (in other words, my “kintype” is “centaur.”) Even so, there continues to be strong pangs of longing and similar feelings towards centaurs.

What is new is the idea of adding another kintype. That would be “djinni.” However, notice that I said it’s a new idea; I haven’t decided on its veracity to me, and, as happened with just admitting that I was centaurkin, it may be another year or two before I do that with this one.

Some who know me will likely imagine right away that it’s related to “I Dream of Jeannie” and there is some truth to that. But, it’s not the whole story. That’s simply one reality. As I have learned from other-life regressions, I have seen centaur lives, all of which are in other realities (or other planets in this universe, as I’m not sure of either possibility.)

Several centaur lives have come to me where they are also djinn. Another djinni of that same place is not a centaur, but I haven’t delved into his life much, mostly because of a not so savory background and demise. Three males, and one female there, though I haven’t looked into her life much, either.

I have seen other female lives when doing regressions, so that’s not a surprise, just as women who experience regressions see male lives that they’ve had. For those of us with the belief in other lives, we have experienced all forms of human life (male, female, eunuch, and androgynous if we add ‘future’ lives.) I’m still pretty much the male guy most of you have known, and I expect it to remain that way the rest of my life.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to learn about these other lives, magical and not. Whether I take on a second kintype or not doesn’t really matter. Djinn are part of my life anyway, through my writing, drawing, and dreaming. Like with my connection to centaurs, I don’t anticipate the same connection to djinn leaving me anytime soon, either.



  1. Thanks for posting! I’d be very interested in reading more about this ‘new’ development.
    Kind regards, as always,

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