Posted by: kentauros | January 3, 2017

Injurious Insult

This post is about a couple of incidents in the last twenty-four hours, one from a friend, and the other from someone in a chatroom for us Otherkin.

I’ll start with the chatroom. This was in the spiritual room for chat at Kinmunity. So, I’m already assuming it will be a relative safe-haven for spiritual discussion.

As it turned out, I learned that my beliefs of Infinite Universes doesn’t mesh with established scientific and philosophical ideas, and instead are an indicator of “Tumblrkin.” That is, kin that are dismissed as either fake or “fluff” and therefore targets for mocking and ridicule.

The fellow Kinmunity member never replied to me after I explained that I developed my ideas by reading the topics of OBEs, angels, and spirits, and using my imagination to ponder things further. I don’t know if my answer further established in their mind that I wasn’t to be taken seriously, or if they could accept it anyway, despite the constant calls for logic and scientific verification. Yes, in a spiritual chatroom. I’m thinking now that I’ll need to request stronger moderation from the site-owner. Moderation of the room only cropped up when I curtly said my byes for that session.

The other incident happened Monday evening on Facebook. I’m not writing this on Facebook because my friend would probably unfriend me, even though I don’t consider this enough to end a friendship.

I’ll quote what I said and only paraphrase my friend’s reply. Her OP was about how to buy passports, presumably ready-made as I didn’t look any further than her post.

Me: “Of course, the best way to fix something doesn’t start with “Run away! Run away!” wink”

Her comments include mentioning Nazis and their victims, and then stating that my “white male privilege is showing.”

Yes, I’m white, and I’m male. I also don’t believe that the country is going to turn into a Nazi death camp. We survived Reagan, Bush I and II; we’ll survive Trump.

I wanted to point out to her that most of the privileged white males I’ve known lived way out in the exurbs, and all were gun-owners. They could not imagine living any closer to the city due to their inherent fears of “the other” that live in the city (i.e., racism.) And yet, while I do know how to handle and fire a gun, I have never felt a need to own one, even living in a part of town surrounded by economically-depressed areas and often hearing gunfire in the distance late at night. I simply do not live in fear! I mentioned that on her post instead, yet the response was still a fearful one.

What I hate most about stuff like this is that it’s taking longer to shake it off than when I have to deal with rude people. Probably because this time it’s personal. Rude is just how people act and can be ignored. Insulting behavior cuts deeper because it’s meant to do that. Sometimes letting go just takes time.



  1. Now that we have entered the “1” Year these types of incidences are merely indicating areas that are not in that alignment ~ that is, even though it feels personal, you must be aware that it is not about you 🙂 Stepping into the potential of the “Independent Leader” insists you forge a path that springs from your inner compass. Whether it be religious, spiritual, cultural, sexual or any other form of seeming division in this Earthly incarnation ~ the energetics of intolerance have an identical resonance.

    (I hope that my comment has helped anyone who may be questioning their own sovereignty)

    Angel Blessings
    Maryanne Elizabeth

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