Posted by: kentauros | September 11, 2016

Dreams and Otherkin Identity

I’m going against the mainstream and the materialists here because I don’t accept the common definition of dreams, that they are purely functions of the brain and mind, and nothing else.

I’m also posting here and on tumblr because it’s one of those topics that would not go over well on Kinmunity, even though I love that site in every other way.

My spiritual beliefs are accepted as a means of being Otherkin as well as a means of validation. And yet…and yet, my spiritual beliefs with regard to dreams are not accepted. Well, either you accept all of it or you only accept the materialist definition of Otherkin, which is that it’s all in our minds, psychologically-based only.

I do sometimes get the impression that the spiritual basis for Otherkin is only grudgingly allowed due to so many using that as their means of identification. If they didn’t let us in, their community would be woefully tiny. Or, people would agree to their terms just to get into the community and do their best not to say anything related to spirit and Otherkin.

Dreams are one of the biggest reasons I identify as centaurkin. Because I believe that dreams are a direct connection to Spirit and its infinite worlds. When I dream, I’m in those worlds, whether as a centaur, a djinni, or just my natural human self. I’m visiting deceased friends and family because they are there and my dream-state is an easy means of getting to them. It’s also an easy means of being my Otherkin selves and forms in their natural realms. When I dream, I’m out of my mind!

I suspect this will give fuel to those often mocked as “fluffy” to the chagrin of the materialists. Honestly, I don’t care how they react. If you accept that I have non-materialist beliefs, then accept them all. Don’t cherry-pick.


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