Posted by: kentauros | January 12, 2016

A Case for Factkin

I know this is going to upset quite a few in the Otherkin community, but I hope to explain this type of kin in a way that can be pondered in a positive manner.

First off, the current definition of Factkin: A person who identifies as or believes they are, spiritually or psychologically, a person from the ‘real world’, whether from the past or the present.

Now, here’s why I think they can be part of the community. It all has to do with two concepts, both of which I’ve discussed before on this blog. That is, the topics of “other lives” and “simultaneous time.” Of course, all of this depends upon beliefs in souls, and in the idea that souls have more than one life. Many spirituality-based Otherkin already have such beliefs as the basis of their identities. I’ll leave the psychologically-based factkin up to those that believe it’s all psychology and not spirituality.

Briefly, I’ll define what I mean by “other lives” and “simultaneous time.” Other Lives are exactly the same as “past lives” with the addition of future lives, and concurrent or present lives. Simultaneous Time is the concept where time is not described as linear but as happening all at once. All of time takes place in a single moment, because all moments of time exist in that same moment. Think of it spatially instead of as a “time line.”

Pair these two concepts together and you have a basis for factkin. Most people have never heard of concurrent lives, though some likely have seen the mention of future lives. I strongly suspect the reason most dismiss “concurrent lives” is because they only accept the idea of the soul occupying one life at a time. This is where simultaneous time comes in.

If you can accept that time is simultaneous, then the idea of a soul occupying more than one life at a time is how it would work in that idea of time. All of the lives a soul has ever had are happening at the same time. Thus a person can have multiple lives in the same time-period, such as now.

Some might still be dismissing this, yet I have to ask: if you are the kind that believes in having had lives as your kin, then think about why you even have memories of it. If you can have memories of your kin in another life, why can’t someone have memories of their life as someone that lives in our time now? And really, in the rest of the world of people that believe in past lives, “factkin” would be nothing more than someone remembering one of their Other Lives.

If the idea of factkin is still too distasteful even after all of this, may I suggest that y’all just label them as people having memories of typical humanity-based Other Lives, and ignore them?



  1. Interesting theory.

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