Posted by: kentauros | January 3, 2016

A Writer’s Fictionkin

I hope to assuage one particular concern my fellow kin may have about this topic. What I see coming up again and again is that they would not like it if someone stated being fictionkin of one of their characters. Well, here’s how I look at this, as an aspiring writer as well.

I believe in an infinite number of universes.

Think about that.


Not finite.

An unlimited number of universes.

I believe this because I also believe in an infinite god or All-That-Is entity. Source, if you will. It has no limit. So, why should the universe? No limit to each universe; no limit to how many universes there can be. Thus, no string theory for me.

So, now we have the concept of infinite universes. We then have the concept of all characters, scenarios, and even whole universes being as real as imagined by any human existing now, in the past, and still to come. And we’re just a finite number of humans. All of the other lifeforms in this single universe can imagine other realities into being, too.

Anyway, where this takes us. Let’s say my characters of Cari and Hal (a djinni and her human boyfriend) become the fictionkin of someone that likes my stories (once they’re published.) While my characters are indeed copyrighted, that doesn’t cover a claim of identity through being fictionkin. The fictionkin person is living as one of my characters. So long as they don’t publish their experiences or their memories under a new copyright, I’m fine with that. Besides, I’d figure that the majority of the world would likely reject any claim of copyright by anyone but me (that includes the courts.)

Now I don’t state that I wouldn’t feel a bit odd at first, but so long as the above pertaining to copyrights is respected, I wouldn’t mind at all. It would also be interesting to see what they knew about the characters that I had not yet determined, or not shared with the world. I would not converse with them, because that could bring up ideas that could fall under copyrights. Better to just see what they post about their life as that character and how it compares with what’s in my mind already. And I don’t think my characters would mind, either, as they also understand the concept of infinite universes.

(I’m posting this to my tumblr account as well, since reading it yesterday brought this topic to mind.)


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