Posted by: kentauros | December 17, 2015

Mythology and Otherkin

Many Otherkin with whom I’ve met and had discussions sometimes question whether they can be Otherkin at all due to their inner knowing not matching established mythologies. I’d like to take a few of y’all’s moments to dispel this ‘myth.’

Mythologies are helpful guides and a good starting point. However, they are stories based on ancient people’s perception of their world at that time. They may have existed, depending on your belief as to whether that’s possible (gateways from other worlds, alien creations through genetic engineering, other universes overlapping this one, etc.) They may also have been shamanic visions of different realities. While I can accept any of that, I acknowledge not all can. That’s fine.

However, if your kin is based on a mythology, you’re already in an area some Otherkin can’t accept as having any basis in fact.

So, besides the naysayers, the myths can act as a good guide to the form of our kin, and maybe some of the characterizations. If they ring true to you, then go with it. If they don’t, I’d say it’s time to look inward, and into other lives, whether of this planet and universe or not.

With my own self-discovery, the ancient Greek myths never rang true to me, other than the form. The absolute majority of humanity still considers them ‘beasts’ and I never got the impression my other lives as centaurs were anything but kind, compassionate, and civilized. My lives are closer to that of Kheiron than the beasts at the Lapiths’ wedding celebration. But, those myths are what get read by the majority of people on this planet. If people ever think there’s any truth to such entities’ existence back then, they stick to what’s depicted in the mythology and never beyond that limiting box. It seems only Otherkin (and some New Agers) have any reason to think outside that box.

I’m not going to even attempt to change everyone’s minds on whether centaurs should continue to be regarded as beasts or not. That’s up to each individual to discern, if they ever have a reason to do so. All of you that are Otherkin do need to think beyond the mythology (unless, of course, you feel it depicts you accurately.)

With the concept of infinite universes, anything should be possible to your self-discoveries. Don’t limit yourself to what humanity has invented or visualized. That’s not us. Let’s make our own mythologies, about our kin and their experiences. Expand the box, even re-write it. Make your own stories and myths. Our lives are unlimited. Let’s show the world just how true that can be.



  1. I agree entirely. If centaurs existed in reality, I think you would have variation like you would in any sentient race, from kind and intelligent to rude and belligerent. As in any history, the history is written by the victors and often depicts the losing side as the worst of the group.

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