Posted by: kentauros | October 10, 2015

Peaceful Maker

This post began from reading an excellent article on masculine energy. For those that may be new to my blog, this is in relation to spirituality, usually of the New Age variety. The article, for those that I hope will read it is Redefining the Sacred Masculine.

What this story brought home to me is one major annoyance I’ve had with the New Age community as a whole, and for years. That is, it’s lopsided to the Feminine. What little there is of masculine energy and icons are the few you would expect, such as the male Christian God, Jesus, Archangel Michael, Buddha, one or two Hindu gods (most often Ganesh), and a smattering of Native Americans. Pretty much every goddess out there is represented for the feminine energy, and the mythological icons are the strongly or solely feminine, too (mermaids, angels, fairies, unicorns, and sometimes Pegasus.) The last two are always male in mythology, but have been somewhat feminized with regards to their energy, I guess to be more agreeable to most buyers.

Most of the men I’ve ever seen in spiritual bookstores, whether buying or doing readings, were themselves rather strong on feminine energy. Honestly, I sometimes feel like the odd man out in such surroundings. I can shrug that feeling off as I browse. It’s usually only something that comes back to me at times like this, when something has spurred my memory of such feelings.

Now, I’m not saying that men need to be the stereotypical male definition we know. Plenty of my male friends are heavily into sports and “D’n’D for Jocks” (aka, Fantasy Sports.) Yet, we’re still great friends; they just know better than to discuss sports with me. Some men will always be the stereotype male. The rest of us will blend the energies of male and female into our lives and in a more balanced manner. Our energies will probably still be lopsided, but I do hope it will more to closer to the middle overall.

I also hope the topic discussed in that article doesn’t just lead to the “Peaceful Warrior” kind of male. To me, that’s simply re-emphasizing the stereotypes all over again, only with a kind of introspective bent. I don’t get the feeling that a peaceful warrior type will really be able to blend the feminine with the masculine. Maybe they can anyway; I just didn’t have that impression after reading the story.

Here’s how I came away from it. I don’t want to be a Peaceful Warrior. I want to be a Peaceful Maker. A “maker” is someone who makes things, be it meals, gardens, shelter, and yes, peace. Men and women can be makers, and it’s a powerful thing to be. And it’s also balanced in feminine and masculine. The story above talks about us moving to being powerful creators. (As ‘creator’ has other definitions that can cause confusion, I found ‘maker’ to be a better substitute.)

I feel this to be a step in the right direction, of finally bringing some balance back to spiritual lifestyles like this. And now, to make it happen!


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