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Flourless Chocolate Cake – Recipe and Photos

Okay, I’m posting this as a good basic link for both the recipe and the step-by-step photos I made a few years ago in order to share it better online. I would also like to veganize it, and will get that help elsewhere, unless any of y’all know a method now? I figure I can replace the egg whites with aquafaba, but am unsure how to do so with the yolks and butter.

The following recipe is best attempted by those that are not only intimately familiar with the baking of cakes in general, but also love to bake. Otherwise, it might be too involved and advanced for the casual baker/cook. Just fair warning in case anyone makes it and ruins it on their first try! It’s not that bad (or hard) but I also had years of experience at baking before I tried this one.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Pre-heat oven to 350 F (175 C)

Standard measurements + (Metric measurements:)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
20 oz. (570 g) bittersweet chocolate
1.75 C (420 ml / 350 g) superfine sugar
((Superfine can be made by putting regular sugar in a food processor with a metal blade and pulsing for a couple of minutes until the sugar is of a finer grain than previously))
15 oz. (430 g) butter (unsalted)
15 eggs, whole – separated

Equipment and pan(s):
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Large mixer with whip and paddle attachments, plus a bowl of 5 qt. (4.5 lt) capacity
Mixing bowl of at least 6 qt (5.5 lt) capacity for final mixing
(I find that my 12 qt (11.5 lt) stockpot works perfectly for the folding of the egg whites into the chocolate batter)
Double boiler – can also use a large stainless bowl sitting over (not in) boiling water
10″x3″ (25cm x 7.5cm) springform pan, buttered
(With buttered parchment paper fitted for bottom of pan)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Melt chocolate in double boiler.
Whip butter and sugar, scraping sides as needed.
Remove whip attachment; use paddle.
Add chocolate to butter/sugar mixture.
Beat together, scraping sides as needed.
Add egg yolks one at a time, beating 20-30 seconds after each addition.
Transfer to separate bowl.
Clean machine bowl (or use second bowl if you have more than one.)
Whip egg whites.
Fold whites into chocolate mixture.
Pour cake mixture into pan, reserving one quarter of batch.
Bake cake at 350 F (175 C) for one hour.
Chill reserved batter.
Cool cake on rack. Cake will fall in middle. This is normal.
Chill cake in pan overnight (12 hours).
Level cake with top of pan; fill with chilled batter/frosting.
Unmold, frost, and serve.

On these last two steps, I often unmold the cake first, then level the cake so that the leftover pieces can be fitted into the fallen portion in the middle, thus leveling it better. I then use a large flat frosting spatula I keep resting in hot water as I frost the cake with the remaining chilled batter. It also helps to leave the batter out for a few minutes, to help it soften up to a spreading consistency. Final decorations can be made with chocolate shavings pressed into the side of the cake. Pipe some ganache swirls evenly around the perimeter of the cake and you’re done!

And now the photo-steps:

Prepping the chocolate for melting in my Cuisinart (fitted with the metal blade):

Chocolate prep

Some of the equipment and ingredients:

Equipment and Ingredients

Separating the eggs:

Separating the eggs

Separated eggs

Prepping the springform pan:

10-inch springform pan prep

10-inch springform pan prepped

(I forgot to photo the pan buttered, but you can see a little of that after the batter goes in.)

Whipping the butter:

Whipping the butter

Melting the chocolate:

Melting the chocolate

Whipping butter and sugar:

Whipping the butter and sugar

Melted chocolate:

Melted chocolate

Incorporating the chocolate into the butter and sugar:

Incorporating the chocolate

Incorporating the egg yolks:

Incorporating the egg yolks

Batter ready for the egg whites:

Batter ready for the egg whites

Whipping the egg whites:

Whipping the egg whites

Egg whites finished to stiff peaks:

Egg whites finished to stiff peaks

Folding egg whites into batter:

Folding in egg whites

Folding in egg whites

Egg whites folded in

Weighing batter for later frosting:

Weighing batter

Weighing batter

Batter in the pan!

Batter in the pan

Freshly baked:

Freshly baked

Cooling and falling:

Cooling and falling

Chilled cake:

Chilled cake



and on a cake-round:

On a cake-round

Leveled with trimmed pieces fitted into the well:

Leveled and trimmed

Flipped over to reduce the problem with crumbs getting into the frosting:

Flip it!

This is my frosting spatula in boiling hot water and an insulated sleeve around the canteen:

Frosting spatula and hot water

The frosting:

Frosting the cake

Frosting the cake

Fully frosted:

Fully frosted

Frosting wiped from the spatula after dipping in the hot water:

Spatula cleaning during frosting

Decorating prep (the ice pack is to chill my hand just before I press the white-chocolate shavings into the frosting):

Decorating prep

Decorating, with a parchment-lined sheet pan below to catch the dropped shavings:


The finished cake!

The finished cake!


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