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Glider-Flying Dream

Glider-Flying Dream – 06-03-15

This post will be longer, though I will endeavor to break it up more so it’s not one big wall-o-text.

The dream also took place a week ago (on June 3rd, 2015), so please take that into account when reading my use of tense and referencing when I had the dream.


Glider-Flying Dream

I think one reason why I’m taking until now (after midnight on the 4th) to write this down is that it’s taken me most of the day to be convinced that I didn’t actually have a real and waking experience based on this dream. Better get into it so that makes more sense.

I remember a small, grass-field airstrip, located to the west of the old electric power plant in Webster (Texas, SE of Houston.) It had trees to the east and south, and was aligned with State Highway 3, which was also to the west of it. The distance between wasn’t much, just enough to allow for a small hanger for one plane, though it was parked on the tarmac to the north of the hanger. There was one person minding the place, but it was all open to the public, or seemingly so. He seemed to not mind my being there, like maybe he remembered me from a past time I’d been there with a pilot friend of mine.

My friend is Ken and he’s a real pilot (captain) for SW Airlines. I’ve gone flying with him before, though I’ve never been in a glider (I think he has.) In the dream, he had originally introduced me to this airstrip and the fact that they kept a biplane-type hang-glider there. It was available to anyone that knew about it, I think. Ken did, and, in my memories in the dream, had driven me there for my first flight in the glider, at least twenty years prior (it may have been further back, like some time in the early to mid-80s.) I believe he had flown it first, and then brought it back for me to take it out after a little bit of instruction.

Back to the present, I remembered how to fly it, the fact that it only needed a little headwind and you’d be off. I don’t recall any harness, only that I held on with both hands and arms in special grips that also helped guide the flying part. It was quite lightweight, yet still rigid. It was also colored olive-drab, and reminded me of something made for WWII. Those gliders were not in the least the same as this one, other than both being gliders. Mine reminded me more of an even older form of biplane wings, like something from the 1920s or earlier.

My clothing was also olive-drab, though maybe a little darker. All of the light in the dream was lessened, like just before a thunderstorm. There was even a dark and overcast sky, yet no hint of rain. Just good winds, ready to be used. I had the glider out on the airstrip, facing to the NW in line with the strip, and got ready for my flight. It wasn’t much, other than gripping on the handles for controlling it, and jumping into the headwind. I was in flight immediately, and soaring off to the east for a bit to gain altitude.

It all brought back the memories of flying so long ago, even if I never truly did in waking life. And, unlike other “flying dreams” this was all controlled flight with no sense of superman-style flying. If anything had happened to my wings, well, that would have been that! No parachute, no nothing. I didn’t care, though. The dream was likely lucid at some level, because I did feel like I had control over where I turned and flew. I didn’t know where there’d be updrafts and so forth, yet always seemed to catch the right ones, keeping my altitude high enough to see and enjoy the view, yet never too high. I thought my flight was never about doing anything dangerous, just enjoying the thrill of it and the view (I had to look at Google Earth to determine my altitude and it seems four-thousand feet is a good approximation.) I do recall now doing some barrel-rolls to the right side and down, partly to lose altitude, yet also just for the fun of it.

Finally, I’d had enough, and landed, though I don’t recall putting the glider away. Maybe the attendant did that kind of thing. (The dream pretty much stops at this point to change and to add facts I know about that area in this reality.)

Ken and I went to that old airstrip together and during the day, discovering that due to the other historical parts surrounding that area, there was a visitors’ center among the new construction going on for all the housing going up there now. The airstrip was partially destroyed (plowed/scraped) with a similar fate to the tarmac next to the hanger. That still seemed to be in place, though it was rusty and run-down. The other areas of interest might have had something to do with the trains from the past that used to go through there on their ways to and from Galveston, as there was a modern train-station there in the dream (no such thing exists there today, or ever did in that spot.) That’s where the tours started, and the tourists included people from all over the world, and possibly even not this world. Because, as Ken and I started walking down one of the roads on the tour, there was also a centaur on it (behind us, I think) that was colored in light gray, and more knees and digits to its legs than traditional equine-based centaurs. It still had that overall basic form, yet it seemed almost insectoid on the legs. The upper body was mostly human-like, with either a head-piece, or it was part of the head, growing out in two points, symmetrically and like a crown. It also made me think of it being like an anime character (don’t know which, just in looks and style.)

Ken didn’t really notice, just me as I thought it rather odd. Plus, as we got to the airstrip and were disappointed with what had happened to it, the people and centaur behind us reacted to our reaction and turned around (the centaur backed up initially as if not liking us from our disappointment.) We looked around the roads some more, to see if there was anything else, but no. I do recall that there were some trees (live oaks) and scrub brush as is local to the area, such as mesquite trees and some other prairie shrubs I only know by looks and not name. The dream pretty much ended here, leaving me to wake up slowly, unable to shake it.

The memories I had in the dream were strong enough to make me think for most of this day that I truly had done similar flying at an airstrip south of here. I even went on Google Earth and searched through old topographic quads of the area, looking for either an old airstrip of the past, or any possibility it could have been in that area. What I learned was that there’s been a power plant in that area for decades, and that where I was remembering it to be couldn’t work at all. That’s where all of the main power-lines leave the plant, and now come into a major substation for distribution. There’s absolutely no way any plane of any sort (not even RC planes) could fly in that spot.

My best conclusion for why this dream stirred up such strong memories that can’t be real in this time is that it’s connected to an Other Life. I just don’t know when it happened, though I am reasonably sure it still took place in that geographical region. During WWII there was an airship base further south, and a German POW camp just north of it. I don’t feel a connection to the POW camp, but maybe there were glider pilots and such around the blimp base. I’ll have to read up more about these gliders, though by then biplane-design was no longer in use.

(I had the site running on the “Saturn” page, so that might have also influenced my dream.)


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