Posted by: kentauros | June 7, 2015


Recently, I participated in a study about Otherkin. Basically, just a handful of in-depth interview questions. Some brought to mind things I perhaps need to point out to new readers and old, and I might even post my answers to other questions as I expand upon them.

Now, for those that have read my whole blog, you may have noticed contradictions. The stuff I wrote in the beginning might not match up with things I’ve posted more recently. Well, it’s because I’m still discovering all of this Otherkin stuff within me. It’s a progression, much like the rest of my spiritual beliefs. A “wip” or “work in progress.”

The other thing I realized I need to work on is to keep these posts shorter. I’m certainly guilty of either skimming or passing by on blog posts that are just too long, and unless I’m recounting a unique dream (as I will in the next post) I can pretty much keep most other posts a bit shorter. I may also end up reposting my posts here to one or two message-board sites I like, such as Kinmunity and Spiritual Forums. Maybe FaceTube, too.

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