Posted by: kentauros | February 27, 2015

Helping Kin

It’s always nice when even just one or two people tell you that your blog has helped them in figuring out something about them. In my case, it happens to be about Otherkin. I am positive that plenty of people with decades of experience in the kin-community likely have developed similar and more in-depth musings on the “Otherkin Condition.” I’m rather late to the party, having only been officially Awakened within the last few years (that is, I finally admitted it to myself after at least a couple of years of research.)

And yet, my words on and pondering of the subject have helped a few. No matter what you do, hearing that someone has come away from your posts with a positive outlook truly does feel good! So, here’s to those we’ve helped with our blogs, and to those of us that have something to share, however unusual it might seem.


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