Posted by: kentauros | February 27, 2015

Centaur Writing

One thing I’ve done at least a couple of times in the past is to write myself (or someone like me) as if I have been turned into a centaur, along with many others in the world. It’s always by magic, because I simply don’t ascribe to the DNA-method as I find it rather boring and too materialistic for my tastes. Plus, the materialistic method is often used to point out just why centaurs “can’t” truly exist based on known physics, DNA, equine biology, and so forth. Don’t care. In my worlds, they work because of magic.

Just to get this out of the way, because I have some gnosis that some out there have already thought that famous Arthur C. Clarke quote by now about technology and magic. Hear me! They aren’t the same! Once you know it’s technology and not real magic, then you know it’s within the realm of even you learning how to use it, and even creating it from scratch. That’s not the case with the kind of magic I consider capable to making centaurs, or any other “impossible” creatures. You either can work such powerful magic, or you can’t. Pretty much all of humanity can’t work that kind of magic, no matter what their technological prowess. Nuff said.

Both times I’ve begun such personal accounts of life as a centaur, I’ve relied on the change to myself and those thousands of others in the world as a result of friendly and/or playful djinn making it happen. Why would they do such a thing? Perhaps someone made a world-encompassing wish. Maybe they’re just having some fun with us powerless humans and plan on “changing time/reality” later and we will then live on blissfully unaware anything has ever changed. Maybe they intend to change the whole world that way, and make us think it’s always been that way. I don’t know as I don’t ponder that side. I could, and have, but not in those situations.

To be honest, it is a fun way to write, causing me to explore the mundane in a fantasy setting. I’m pretty sure plenty of other writers out there have done this, and likely gone on to publish their work. Mine is simply to explore as no plot exists in them. It’s also a means of connecting to those worlds I consider part of my Otherkin identity. And so, I encourage any other kin out there to try some of the same. Create a journal, blog, or even just a diary of life as your kin. See where it takes you. You never know what you might learn about yourself.



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  2. Hi just wanted to hello. I’m unicorn kin I’ve been awaken for about 3 months now.A friend started a new site its a bit small but there a good people there. You can stop for visit if you want to. Its drama free.

    • Thanks for the url. I haven’t yet joined, but will soon. If you haven’t already, maybe post a link at Kinmunity, too 🙂

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