Posted by: kentauros | October 7, 2014


Just a little something off-topic tonight…

In the past few months I’ve been hearing some scratching and chirping noises coming from the ceiling and walls of my bedroom. All noises were in the corner of the room that is also the corner of the building.

At first, I thought maybe some birds had set up a nest in the eaves (the fascia boards are rotting in places, and will be replaced soon because of this fact.) Later, with the sounds coming directly from the walls and the ceiling instead of merely outside of my window I thought “Great! It’s mice or worse, rats!” (Any time someone moves out around me it always stirs up whatever local fauna in the building, and I notice a temporary increase in activity in and around my apartment.)

This past weekend as I was doing laundry, I commented about this problem to one of my neighbors as we mutually complained about our landlord’s inability to stay on stop of things around here (it’s not as bad as it sounds.)

Her comment was “I hope it’s not bats!” That made me ponder, and I suddenly changed my mind about having them up there. Sure enough, when I went out there that night (Sunday) bats were flying all around due to the security and street lamps. So, plenty of food for them to catch and consume. There was a section of the brick in the corner by my bedroom where the mortar was gone, and they were flying into and out of it. And I was happy to see this! Plus, they love mosquitoes.

Last night I got home late and as I was going to sleep, I noticed that their activity was greatly diminished. There was a little bit of chirping and scratching, like from only a few of them or less. I tried to see anything the next morning but it was too dark. I’d have to wait until the next evening to see anything.

About fifteen minutes ago, I took a bright LED flashlight I have and looked at their hole. It looks like it’s been sealed with fresh mortar. And there are no sounds coming from my ceiling or walls. I’m afraid to tap on the sheet-rock if any in there are still alive. I can’t say I feel guilty, but I’m not happy that some may have been sealed in there to pass like that. I’ll send a prayer for them this evening, thanking them for their stay and that they pass on peacefully.

I have read that bats symbolize a change in thinking, or of epiphanies. As they were living there for the last few months, I have begun getting a stronger desire to have the kind of work I like to do, and may still get some graphics work out of one friend. The past three weeks has seen a few interviews, and starting a new job (albeit temporary) on Monday of this week.

Maybe thats all they were there for, other than being typically opportunistic with a hole in a wall!

It was great standing out there when they were flying all about, getting narrowly missed by some as they chirped out my 3D space to them. I may remember that few minutes for some time to come…

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