Posted by: kentauros | August 26, 2014

Infinite Spirit

So, I have Mira Kelley’s book “Beyond Past Lives” and am reading it, if a bit slowly (only on chapter two at the moment.) However, it has brought up something more related to how I perceive Other Lives (y’all may call them “past lives.”) This chapter covers her introduction to “simultaneous time” as well as a statement from her first regression-client that “Time is infinite.”

I guess I never thought much about it being infinite, still stuck in linear-time thinking with regards to the physical universe. However, in the context of Time being simultaneous, and in non-physical reality, it now matches up with other similar thoughts about Source and Spirit.

The physical universe is finite as far as the three dimensions go. Plus, even with the idea that Source could have recreated the same universe in every possible incarnation (that is, every possible choice, direction of particles, and so forth) you’d still have a finite number of incarnations. Sure, it would be an improbably huge number we probably can’t comprehend at the moment. However, Source is also infinite. And so, such a huge number of possibilities is well within its ability to imagine.

Where this has taken me relates to how many lives each of us has lived through our Oversoul. Originally, I had figured it in the hundreds, maybe thousands. Now, I’m thinking it’s infinite, like everything else in the Spirit dimensions. And why not? As I have discovered, I have had lives that are not human, and are not of this planet, much less this physical reality. Mira had mentioned in one of her launch-party/salon discussions that she’d had clients speak of other non-human lives, including dinosaurs! Again, why not?

How many entities exist in realms beyond this? How many realms have been imagined and invented by human lives over the eons? Lives as forms we could call inanimate are just as possible as what we call life now. It may sound like science-fiction or Star Trek, yet Carlos Castaneda gave us the idea of “inorganic beings” in his book “The Art of Dreaming.” (My perception of such beings from both reading that book and from subsequent dreams of them was that they looked like smooth pillars of stone that could move by psychokinetic means.)

There’s a meme flashing through FB and other places online right now that proposes the idea that only one Oversoul has all human lives that ever existed, past, concurrent, and future. While that’s fine for those that need to read it in order to understand simultaneous time, I think it’s too limited. First off, it only proposes the idea of human lives. How many bacteria, grains of sand, particles of water, etc. have existed on this planet and across the universe? Yes, it could still be one Oversoul doing it all, but where’s the fun in that? Having these lives of ours for learning lessons is one major factor of them. Another is that we have them for fun. If you accept that Source is infinite, why limit all of life to just one Oversoul when it could have so much more fun with an infinite number of Oversouls?

What I can comprehend of all this is minuscule. Yet, I feel like I’m on to something. Where in the recent past I have surmised that the majority of my Other Lives have been of the centaur form, now, well, everything’s equal when you add infinity to the mix.

Now if I can just figure out why I would have strong feelings to one form over another if I have an infinite number of all. How are they all connected?

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