Posted by: kentauros | July 22, 2014

Other (Centaur) Lives

Recently I was sending healing Light and energy to an online friend, and received help from both AA Raphael and Kheiron. Now, while I do manage at this kind of thing fairly well, my mental focus is not the best. Thus, my mind was jumping off to other places as I worked on this friend.

One such jump had me talking with Kheiron towards the end of my work, and I did pretty much end my healing session at that point. I hadn’t specifically envisioned myself in centaur form for the healing, but the subject came up between Kheiron and I.

Now, my ideas on other lives, or Past Lives as pretty much everyone calls them these days, is that I have a majority of human lives, with a strong minority of centaur lives after that, and a handful of other forms filling in the gaps. Kheiron told me it was the other way around, that centaur lives were my majority, with humans a strong second.

This actually makes sense just from how strong my feelings and connections are with this life form. Why would a minority of lives as a centaur somehow give me such a strong connection and love for them in my human lives if I’ve had more human lives overall? Sure, I understand that we don’t know all of the details in things like this, yet ‘logically’ you’d think it would take the influence of a majority of centaur lives to instill such a love and even spiritual connection while living my human lives.

I have no idea how many of these lives I’ve had. My thoughts are they number in the hundreds for my two major kinds. Nonetheless, getting that information has got me thinking about it all again. Plus, after getting more validation and an explanation about that from Mira Kelley I’ll be exploring these lives more, whether centaur, human, or ‘other.’

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