Posted by: kentauros | June 18, 2014

Connections Among Lives

I know I’ve talked about my centaur lives a fair amount on this blog. It’s why I set it up, and to talk about other subjects close to me, especially in the New Age variety of spirituality. I’ve attempted to analyze the why of my connection to centaurs, the why of my love for that form, and begin to discover more such lives beyond the first one detailed in the beginning.

A thought came to me the other day, and I have yet to explore it in a way that would satisfy me most. That is, why do I have this strong connection to lives that do not number more than all the human lives I’ve had when I don’t get the feeling that I have had such a connection to being human while in a centaur life. That is, as a centaur, did I ever have an “Otherkin” sense of being a human? Have I ever dreamed I was a human in one of those non-human lives? How did I react? Was the connection to being human as strong as the centaur-lives in this human life? And did I have strong connections to my other non-human lives while in centaur-lives, such as my few djinn-lives, and the other as-yet-not-fully-discovered-lives outside of these categories?

It’s convoluted thinking, I know, but I had to have lived those other lives in “normal” ways comparable to what I know in this waking life. This is another step in self-discovery. I may have to pose a condensed question to Denise Linn or any of the others that get into past lives. It would be interesting to read or hear of anyone that’s ever spoken of a past life where they were pondering remembered other lives, even if all are more than likely “just” more human lives. Meditating on this idea beckons…

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