Posted by: kentauros | June 11, 2014

The Sound of Noise

Recently, I rediscovered a link I had in my bookmarks while looking for sites on binaural beats. Upon further discovery, it was revealed to be a site I now use quite often, as in days at a time. That is, it’s a site of nothing but “noise.”

Now, I know most people upon reading of anything called “noise” that they immediately stop reading, not wanting to learn about anything they assume to be discordant. While there are some industrial noises that are certainly harsh, most of the background sounds we ‘hear’ every day fall into the category of noise, even if we’re not aware of their existence. And yet people seek out sounds such as ocean waves, rain, wind, and chimes. Well guess what? Those are all classified as noise.

So, what is this site? It’s called and was set up by Stéphane Pigeon, an electrical engineer specializing in signal processing. Seems kind of dry, right? Well, I hope y’all try out the site anyway, because not only is the sound-quality top-notch, but the choices range over most natural sounds you can imagine to, yes, industrial noise. Some are melodic, such as the drones (a single, unbroken, musical note − sometimes a simple chord), and the soundscapes. I’m currently listening to “Tibetan Choir” so there’s plenty of harmonic overtone singing going on. There is also a section just for binaural beats, and thus why I bookmarked this site originally.

The way the choices work are once you get to a page that sounds interesting, there will be a set of sliders at the top of the page. Those can be adjusted beyond what loads for that page, or you can use one of the presets along the right side. Plus, people often post comments to the page with their settings included. There’s room for a huge amount of variation, including opening up multiple tabbed-windows in order to combine sounds.

I hope my readers try out the site. I’m only promoting it because I find it useful in relaxation, meditation, activity (such as housework or office work), sleeping, and, as with right now, writing.


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