Posted by: kentauros | May 3, 2014

Silver Signatures

The silver cord. It’s supposed to be the human body’s permanent connection to their soul while that energy-form is out and about in the universe. However, I don’t feel it exists.

To those that are already balking at my assertion, let me explain.

Ever since the first time I went out of body at age-16, I have never seen or experienced a silver cord. I’ve always gone out into the universe (or, all too often, only my bedroom) content that I would always go right back to my body, no questions asked. I had no fear of getting lost, or going too far away, mostly because I never did seem to go much further than down the street.

Yet, the “silver cord” never showed up, and it’s supposed to be rather thick while you’re still within sight of your body. I’ve read a description of it on and it’s said to be a cable or cord about an inch thick (3cm), made of light, and having a silvery appearance like Christmas tree tinsel. You’d think with something that flashy coming out of either my heart or my head that I’d have seen my own by now.

And yet, almost forty years on, it has never revealed itself to my astral eyes or senses.

I know I’m not the only person to have had OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) where the silver cord wasn’t in attendance. Robert Monroe (the one that coined the OBE designation) never described seeing one in his thousands of OBEs. I know I’ve read of other practitioners that have mentioned not seeing it, either.

So, why do we not see it, and yet many others describe having one? I don’t think it’s because some of us have them and some don’t. Those that see them assume that everyone has them, and go on to write their books on OBEs, NDEs, and dreams, as if we’re all just supposed to see them, no matter what our current senses perceive. I have a different idea on the whole topic.

The silver cord is seen by those who have not yet developed a sense of security that their astral-body/soul will get back to their physical body without an anchor and chain of some kind. In their case, a cord or cable big enough to see or sense as it stretches as far as their travels take them. It’s supposed to be seen as attached to the forehead, top or back of the head, the chest, abdomen, and the back (presumably at the base of the spine.)

Through my own experiences going out of body, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t see a silver cord because my soul and body are permanently connected via something I call a “signature energy.” That is, the vibration of the energy that is your soul is the same as for the connecting energy in your body. Otherwise, you wouldn’t stick with your body, and would drift off into the ethers from the first time you ever slept. It’s a compelling attachment between the two, and why no cord is needed.

Think of it this way, using the analogy of a signature you’d write. When you sign a check, your signature is now attached to that piece of paper and allows it to represent your bank account in the amount specified. It can’t work without that signature, just as your body can’t attract your specific soul if it’s not alive. The signature is “off” or in “stand-by” mode in the case of an NDE. The body is still alive just enough that the soul can find it again when it’s time to return. Whereas when you die, the physical body is permanently off, and the soul is free to leave. The beacon is gone, and it would have nothing to return to because the Life has left the body.

So, the next time you read a book or article that dictates the existence of the silver cord as if that’s the only way, remember my concept. You may one day look down on your body asleep in your bed (or in meditation) and be content that you don’t need a visible cue that you will always return to that body.

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