Posted by: kentauros | January 1, 2014


Another post I made some time ago was about the “pull” I get toward the centaur form and reality. I’m exploring that some more here, partly because I sense there’s something more. I’ve starting asking why it’s so strong some days, and hardly there in others.

I understand that I’ve had many other lives as centaurs. The way I have begun to define my existence as a soul is related to how AnitaMoorjani saw all of her other lives when she was ‘dead’ and in that place of her oversoul or whatever it’s called exactly (oversoul, higher self, soul, and so forth.) In that place after physical life, she could connect to any of her other lives (past, present, future) as if she were in it, living it again. I see my existence in a similar way.

Through that definition, I now define my ‘past’ lives as ‘Other Lives’ because I am not limited to human existence on this planet alone. Nor am I limited to linear passage of time as we experience in physical life. All futures, possibilities, choices, all exist right now, and I have lives in those places and times.

What is profound, though, isn’t so much how I perceive them all. I find it fascinating that I have lives other than human, although most of my lives have been in this human form. I haven’t done past-life progressions on them all; it’s just a sense, an insight for numbers That insight has shown me that the next-largest portion of my many lives have been in the centaur form. There’s one life in there somewhere, on another planet, where I’m a human female djinni, with a total lifespan of just over a thousand years. Any additional lives in forms other than human, centaur, or djinn may be there; the connections simply haven’t revealed themselves to me as yet. More regressions are in order to find them.

Recently, as I was working to bake all of my Christmas gifts for friends and family, there were moments when I stopped and tried to understand why the pull was so strong, and where was it leading me. I felt like it was more than just a pull to those former lives. It felt more like I was being prodded to discover a deeper understanding, a better connection to those lives in order to understand the why of it all. And it has indeed led me to a deeper connection to my four-legged lives.

Meditating this morning (Christmas Day), I tried to keep mostly focused on my breathing. Breathe in. Hold. Breath out. Hold. Breathe in, and so on. Concentration slipped finally for a longer time to that grassy plane of my normal meditation realm, and the four legs again. I had a clearer connection to the four legs to the point of being able to ‘dance’ in place. I can’t recall the dressage term, but it’s one of the tests of horse and rider where the horse ‘trots’ in place, fore-right and left rear legs up, with the opposite pair down, then alternate. It’s not a normal instinct for two-legged beings to have, much less contemplate. Two-leggers don’t understand the coordination involved, nor the resulting balance feelings.

And so, I tried that technique, managing to not only feel those rear legs and hooves, but also get the coordination right, if for brief glimpses. It was enough for a few seconds of connection to that reality. This is what I’ve been looking for. Not only the feel of walking, running, and just moving in that form, but the full feel of it, the conscious control of muscles and bones that don’t exist for this body right now. And there’s still more to this connection than the mere physical feel of it. So much to explore, once I get back into a daily meditative and exploration process. That starts now, at the urging of many.

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