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Otherkin is a personal identity and/or designation that in the past would have gotten you into a mental institution at the least. Whereas today, I know of some members in the Otherkin community that have mentioned it to their mental-health professionals only to be “given a pass” so to speak. That is to say, if it doesn’t interfere with their normal lives, it’s not a mental issue. I’m sure those not trained in the mental sciences would like to differ, as is their right, but that “differing” often comes across as simple bullying instead.

That brings me to the other negativity associated with those of us in the Otherkin communities and self-identity. The sceptics (or as I sometimes refer to the worst/rudest of them, the “septics”) seem to have this bug up their butts for us. All too often, you come across what looks like a welcoming Otherkin community, only to discover that the septics have the run of the place. Only the hardiest individuals can make a name for themselves there as Otherkin. The rest are driven out by the constant ridicule, mocking, belittling, and all the other tactics of the bully, be that online or off.

I will mention that those of you who consider yourself as Otherkin might want to steer clear of tumblr. It’s one of the worst havens for the septics (or best, if you’re a septic.) I’m fine with not venturing there anyway, as the software and layout is one of the worst designs, too. I’m sure there are lovers of it here, but I find it too flash-intensive, much like FasciaBook. K.I.S.S.!

Okay, enough of the negativity associated with our kind. On to the good stuff! One such instance of that is a message board I like: Otherkin Community. It’s pretty comprehensive in subject matter, and they welcome all types. Now, maybe I should point out what that means, besides what form the kin takes.

The ‘types’ as I use that word is for how people come to identify themselves as Otherkin. Most have a spiritual or other-dimensional root for their kin. The other is psychologically-based. This is the one that I have had the hardest time understanding, no matter how many times I read their definition of it. I’m not rejecting, only that it’s just a concept my mind doesn’t easily comprehend. I guess due to me accepting my own kin as being spiritually-based, I don’t really think too much about the other kinds and when presented with them, have to expend more brain-power than I’m used to using. Y’all may have to look that one up on your own, because I doubt I’d give a good enough explanation of what it entails.

One subject that we’re working on right now is among another group that associates with machines. Currently, some call themselves Machine-kin, though we’ve suggested “Non-Biologicals.” Their biggest problem in their community is getting those that do identify as such don’t open up easily to others and thus don’t recognize the label. So, proving the safe-haven status of those few welcoming communities is difficult.

If you know anyone that’s ever mentioned thinking they have some strong connection to animals, mythological beings, or even non-biological creations, and it doesn’t seem to you like they aren’t out of touch with reality in their lives, then suggest they at least visit one of the Otherkin sites, as mentioned above, or look for others. There’s a presence on YouTube, on FB, another site called Otherkin Alliance, and a sprinkling of kin-specific sites all over.

We’d like to see society evolve beyond their ‘need’ to mock everything they don’t attempt to understand, and move on to general acceptance. Is it really so much to ask that people strive to be polite and understanding of others?

Some additional links related to Otherkin:

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  1. Ah yes, I have encountered those hardcore skeptics from time to time. I really don’t know why they want to disprove our existence so much. And yeah, WordPress is the way to go for me too, Tumblr sort of sickens me apparently xP

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