Posted by: kentauros | July 14, 2013


I suppose I could have put this in the previous post, but I want it separate. That one is more to promote the sites friendly to Otherkin. Here I’d like to talk a little about my own kin, and maybe get some others that might identify similarly to read more or look at those communities, too.

Unlike many in the full Otherkin community out there, I didn’t have any special, profound, or fast “awakening” as they call it. I’m not even sure when I finally made the decision that I was kin at all. I guess after enough reading on the subject, reading others’ accounts of their experiences and what kin they were, it finally sunk in that I was in their fold, too.

I know I’ve talked about this gnosis of being a centaur, somewhere. Yes, I know I’m not one right now; I’m quite human and have no problem with that. I love this life! However, I also love the lives I have out there as a centaur. I don’t know how many it’s been so far; I’ve only ventured into two, with the main one detailed much earlier in my blog here. I know I have several lives in that realm alone, and why it’s still important to me to continue to ponder and remember. The others out there will just have to come when they’re ready for me to receive, as sometimes happens in meditation.

What I still grapple with is doubt. I know and yet I don’t know, thus the doubt. From what I’ve read about faith, doubt is a constant that makes faith all the stronger. I’d say my doubt is like that. It makes me question whether any of this is real, and yet makes me think that it most certainly is, due to a strong connection with spirituality. Spirit is infinite; ask anyone about that and you’ll get an affirmative answer. They know that and don’t question it. As such, that infinite gives rise to infinite possibilities. Sure, that means there are infinitive negative outcomes, yet there are also infinite positive outcomes. And even with the negative, it all depends on the person’s attitude toward that. So, I can doubt that any of this kin-business is real and still live my life as if it is, no harm to me or anyone else; just a simple belief that covers part of the infinite Spirit.

It’s a fantastic feeling, knowing that I have these other lives in a form that fascinates me here, not to mention that I see as quite beautiful. I’m not alone in the latter part of that. The centaur is becoming more popular in our culture, in movies and other media. I’ll have them in my books when they’re ready to present to the world. And when I write on those characters that take the centaur form, I’m walking along with them. I’m in that world, in that form, and in the magic.

Maybe that’s why I don’t have as many centaur-dreams any more. I know I still don’t have the exact and full connection to moving as one as I’ve had in dreams, only that I do ‘practice’ in meditation to try and retrieve that connection once again. Those dreams are usually profound that way. Describing how it feels to move four legs and a tail, to hear the clopping, to gallop at full speed and faster than humanly possible, well, I don’t really have the words. Exhilarating comes to mind, and it’s certainly that, yet lacking. And this is all probably as comprehensible to you as it is for me to understand how people can not only dream of being inanimate objects, but love the experience, even wanting to go back to that existence in their dreams.

I feel like doing something I’ve only done a few times in my life: write to one of the most popular New Age type teachers to see if they’ll talk about Otherkin at some point in their teachings or books. The one that comes to mind immediately is Doreen Virtue, and to suggest that she do a major rewrite of her Earth Angels book to cover Otherkin. Interviews of us would be nice, too. I’ll likely get on that soon, as it’s a topic that came up recently on the Indigo Society site (link) and I feel it’s important to let more people know about this connection some of us have to other realms.

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