Posted by: kentauros | May 14, 2013

Another Centaur-Visualized Meditation

Okay, I decided to meditate that way again. I couldn’t stop it, in case anyone’s wondering why I choose to make my meditations like this. I had it “stuck” in my head, like maybe a ‘calling’ and had to ‘release’ it. Of course, now I just want to do them this way all the more!

One thing I’ve found is that my new bed, which is about a foot higher than my old full-sized bed, allows me my visualizations to fall into the centaur type easier. Instead of lying on my back like most of my previous encounters I’ve related here, sitting on the edge of the bed with my feet dangling lets my body sense that larger form.

This evening, I was seeing that previous centaur body, smaller, with a light-brown coat, white socks on my forelegs, cream-colored hooves. My mane and tail were a similar cream and my belly was in that same shade. I would say I looked like a pale paint, coat-wise.

Before getting up immediately this time, I did a bit of shifting my position while sitting like that, on my belly. First over onto my left side, such that I had to prop up my upper body with a hand and arm. Then back onto my belly, but shifting just enough to stretch out my right legs, with the left still tucked under. I could sit up straight that way, and still have a bit more comfort. The place I seemed to be sitting was like my bedroom, only with a hard dirt floor, maybe some prairie type grasses in small bunches around. My feeling is that this was just on the ‘edge’ of my place I like to roam.

I didn’t remain in that position for long, just to get a feel of it. Everything felt natural, including when I’d reach back to rub my hindquarters, or grab a rear leg and hoof. The sensations weren’t quite all there, like having complete feeling of my hand on that fetlock, but I could feel the pressure of it. So, I tucked my right legs under again, went through the movements like before to get up on my forelegs and then up with the rear. Bending over, I stretched my arms down over my forelegs, looking under myself with a grin. I’ve done that before in past visualizations, though it’s always good to keep at certain explorations, and seeing more details. I’m definitely the stallion in these visions!

Earlier in the evening I’d wanted to go the longer amount in this meditation, and I knew I’d meet with either Asrial or Hans. I even had a short conversation with them both upon getting up and having my dirt-room open up into my prairie realm. Both were a bit hazy at first, especially as I connected fully to them and my place. They remained that way as we figured out whom I should meet with first, and Asrial shifted her size to match mine. I did a high-five with Hans as we agreed I would meet him later this evening. Additionally, I agreed to do this more often as it would help with a Monroe Institute “Human Plus” program I have for programming your dreams. I haven’t had a good full-sensory centaur dream in a while, and almost all of the ones in the past few years have been simply being in the presence of other centaurs. The few I have had over the last twelve months have been too brief to recall much, or get the full feel of that form.

Hans faded from my view, though never completely. He’s a guide, so he’s always there, whether I focus on him or not, and the same with Asrial. We began our walk out into the prairie, though I had in mind something I’d read earlier in the day from a centaur/meditation search online. I came across someone’s post about meeting a centaur as a “shadow guide” I think she called him. He was only there briefly in her vision, literally guiding her travel through a forest. I’m thinking along the lines of having a journey, of exploring my realm deeply. Asrial and I walk together, though not touching. We only talk, with me talking about what I’d like to do.

My recollection of this part is a bit fuzzy right now, probably because I came out of the meditation rather hungry and took care of that, not recording this until I’d eaten. The later details are fresher, so I’ll skip ahead.

I’d wanted to walk in the stream down the slope a ways. We’d walked enough to get to it, plus I can always move things as needed. I have a general idea of how this prairie place looks, including the live-oak lined streams and creeks. Sometimes they have water in them and sometimes they’re dry. Today, they were full, fed by cold springs. An earlier vision had me wondering how I’d do on water-rounded rocks, and I didn’t really want to mess with stumbling and such. So, I had flat limestone, broken in places, and a couple of feet deep. I had to ask Asrial about that part, though, as I hadn’t set it in my head. It did feel good on all of my legs, including having to jump into the water from the raised edge (only about a foot higher.) I think she managed to just step in without the jump, though.

Of course, I wanted deeper water, up to my belly, and the stream lowered enough into a segment just for that kind of sensation. It still wasn’t quite like, say, a lucid dream, but I’m getting there. We got out of the water not long after slowly walking through that flowing pool, to the other side of the stream, and some soft green grasses. My vision began to add some details as I remembered some bits of my writing. Up a rise to my right was the top of some Greek temple, and not looking all that ruined. Memories of Kaliopi from my Djinnified story came through, and Asrial just grinned. I wasn’t ready to venture into that, yet I couldn’t hold it back. Plus Asrial was kind of pushing me to ‘see’ into that world as she knew Kaliopi wanted to reveal something to me. I’m not going to write those details here, but it does have to do with more centaurs, and possibly a main point in my second book.

Asrial pointed out some other things I’d thought about with regards to the first book that I could add, including some minor character details she liked. Mainly just how to rewrite a couples’ fight I’d resolved too quickly, make at least one of them more stubborn and so forth. Notes to write after this.

We got off that subject as I went back to how I wanted to come back and do more exploring. I may have only talked about that in this later time in the vision, so insert what I wrote earlier here with these new details. Asrial swung around in front of me, making me stop as she asked me to take her hands. Only she was turning mine to face up first so we could open me up to more universal energy, and open me to my realm deeply. At first, we had our hands together, fingers intertwined, but she only did that so I could feel the open connection she had just being my guide. Soon enough, our hands were apart and I was letting it flow in and through. I saw Maryanne as a centaur, as well as getting the info from Asrial that she’s only had one life as a centaur with me, whereas all of my ‘minor’ lives have been centaur. Only our human lives outnumber our other forms. She’s had an almost equal number of mermaid and fairy lives as her minor ones. The realm I have seen myself as living with Hans and Asrial was revealed to be a small world of centaurs. The centaurs did exist in Greek times, though that may have been more of an open portal situation, so they could come and go from their native realms. I’ll have to mention this to my otherkin friends that have mentioned lives on this planet as centaurs.

I felt my connection with Maryanne, my love for her, and bathing in that energy. I tried to open further to unconditional Love as I know what it’s like, but I don’t think I got quite to that level. More meditation needed.

We stopped it gradually there, and turned back to the stream, crossing a limestone bridge at the head of the springs. We walked back to the ‘landing’ where I start, saying our farewells until next time. I was awake soon after, though I didn’t ground myself with a tree, just with the sink as I cleaned it. It needs more work, too.


  1. Fine visionary apparatus, sir Gryneos, Kentaurus, Chiron. I reveal my jealousy that my own phantom guides are hidden most murkily in my umbral depths. But I never let wretchedness keep me down.

    Your prose is very mature, and your content inspiring. I shall swim in your arena and seek to light my own torch via your flame.

    • Thank you, Jorrell!

      My writing is an ever-growing process, and I do strive to learn more. In fact, I’ve been looking at a local spiritual center that has a writing group, and to see what they have to offer. If nothing else, I could have some experienced writers take a look at my work.

      I’ve had the good fortune to have discovered my first guide about halfway through my life and the second sought me out in my dreams. I have validated that when we ask them to show themselves, they do! We only have to be patient as their concept of time isn’t ours. Yet, it will happen.

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