Posted by: kentauros | May 13, 2013

A Short Centaur-Meditation Experience

I need to write this down, even if it did take place several days ago (and is a week later that I am posting it.)

Before going to bed maybe this past Monday night, I sat on the side and did a rather short meditation. It was mostly just a visualization, to see if I could set the idea in my head to have a centaur-dream that night. That part “failed” yet the visualization was more successful than I’d have imagined.

Imagining myself to be seated on my belly, I noticed my coat was a light brown. Plus, it was smaller than what I’m like in other visualizations, a more compact body. Perhaps it was close to what Donna Barr makes for her centaurs, and what other artists draw.

I kept myself seated for only a few more seconds before I set in my mind the idea of getting up. I pulled my front left leg up to the front and side first, giving me some leverage to get my right leg unfolded and in position. Without much effort, whether in my mind or the “reality” of that visualization, I got up on my front hooves.

Raising my rear was next to instinctive, and it went up without much thought. I stood in my visualized reality for a bit, savoring the feelings I’d gotten at seeing myself in that manner.

This time, I felt my body and the use of my extra limbs. It amazed me and now I know that with just a little mindful relaxation, I can slip into that realm and that body. I will use this technique now for getting my mind and spirit in tune for my writing as well. I know from experience that I can not only write more in a short time, but also write better than when I don’t do some kind of relaxation or clearing.

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