Posted by: kentauros | May 11, 2013


The concept of just what magic is, what makes it work, has intrigued me for years. Oh, I’ve had many ideas, mostly stemming from the premise that it’s an energy, and one that requires being ‘connected’ to it to make it work for you. That’s pretty much how I write my stories regarding it.

The other day I was thinking about this again, taking it down to its roots. Okay, magic is one kind of energy, yet it’s more than that to create what the user desires. It may have intelligence, or it may be nothing more than like a computer, able to follow instructions and nothing else. It could be the universal intelligence, and far beyond our ken in trying to understand how it can do what it does. Whatever its origins or nature, it remains the energy that can work miracles and so forth.

The user of magic has to start with a thought. There is also intent or desire. That can be an instruction by itself, though I’d call it more of a modifier, as it’s based in the emotions of the user. That helps the magic (or universal energy, whichever one being tapped) to know how to respond. The new age kind of people and writings that I like would call this the Law of Attraction, though I’d like to take this deeper or possibly just make it simpler.

So, let’s look at a single thought. Doesn’t matter what that thought is, unless we’re getting into intent. For the moment, I’m thinking of the fact that a thought is made of energy. I don’t really care about going into the biology, chemistry and so forth, just that a thought is a form of energy, and one with its own vibrational frequency (think of brainwaves.)

Now, this thought wants to make something happen with magic, or any other energy like it. It can’t do a thing by itself; it’s just not strong enough. It needs something stronger, and the energy of magic is attuned to this mind. I’m thinking this is the same for all types of energy-healing, telepathy, empathy, psycho-kinesis, and everything else that is done by our mind alone. Anything that can be affected without direct touch would come under this concept.

I don’t necessarily understand how magic can make things happen, such as levitation. Certainly, I can imagine that the magic thinks “Okay, your body rises into the air one foot and stays there until you tell me differently.” How it exactly can move a mass into the air and keep it there, defying gravity, is somewhat of a mystery. All I can figure is that the “laws” as we know them aren’t immutable, and can be “denied” any time a user of magic or greater mental power wishes it. A user need only know that it works and how to implement it.

The same is true for your typical new age healer or other user of universal energies. You get yourself attuned to the energies’ frequencies to make them obey your thoughts and intent.

Now, I have surmised what is going on, starting with the thought, and then with the magic. The thought is the ‘trigger’. The user need only make that trigger, and the magic chooses a set of instructions for the task. I liken this to a software programmer on a computer. The programmer writes the instructions for the computer to follow and make what the programmer wants to happen. The programmer doesn’t need to be able to write in machine language in order to make the computer follow the instructions. The language is what taps that part of the machine, and then it sets about enabling the software to work. The user of magic is like a programmer, even if it’s a simple instruction. The magic is then the computer, using its own instructions on a deeper level to enable the desire of the person triggering it.

What’s rather interesting about all this is that just last night I was reading a little more of Alan Cohen’s book Relax Into Wealth, and came across these affirmations:

I set my intentions and life responds.

The more firmly I choose, the more powerful I become.

I found these affirmations to be profound as I had come to a similar conclusion regarding how the magic worked the night before.

Magic may be defined differently by everyone else, and that’s fine. Within the context of those stories I write, and the ones I fantasize about, magic is like I’ve described it. Although within the Djinnified universe, their magic has substance to it, that’s more along the lines of the ‘substance’ one would find in the astral and spirit realms. It remains immaterial to the third dimension, and takes on a material feel and shape in those higher dimensions. Maybe I’ll attempt to describe it through one of those djinn to a master or other human, likely without much understanding on the human’s part.

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