Posted by: kentauros | April 21, 2013

Life Review

The “Life Review” is something known by those that die and come back to this life. Usually associated with Near Death Experiences (NDEs), the Life Review appears to be meant to teach us about Love, and how we’ve embraced it in this life.

Recently, I saw James van Praagh speak at our local UnityChurch. It was great evening, listening and watching him help others in short “readings” before the rest of us. I was a bit tired when I went, as I was doing long overtime days, and had been up since quite early that same morning. So, my mind was wandering, though almost always on things he had said previously. I’m afraid I may have missed some minor points and jokes, but caught most of it.

One thing that caused my mind to wander was his statement that we all have the Life Review not long after our deaths. While that knowledge wasn’t so profound, it has become a conflict with what I read when Anita Moorjani had her NDE. In it, she said nothing of a LR. It didn’t seem necessary, what with all the truly unconditional Love she was awash within.

That Love is ever-present in that next existence, at least according to NDE accounts, as well as my own personal experiences with glimpsing it or having it projected to me (as Hans did in my dream of him.) That same Love is also defined as God, or whatever you want to call it. It’s also all of us, so it could be surmised that our spirits are also the source of that Love.

My mind wandered past that, too, and back to the idea that we all have the LR after the death of our physical bodies. And it didn’t seem to make much sense to me as I thought about its purpose that much more. It’s being described as a means of teaching us about Love and how our thoughts, words, and actions cause hurt in others through a lack of Love (such as how our intentions are used.) All right, I get that.

What I don’t get is how that helps us in this life. The only way I see it helping us individually is if we have an NDE or other experience that would give rise to our having a LR. Otherwise, our existence there as I’ve come to accept it is much like Anita’s was. We have perfect and instant access to every life we have had or even will have. We can be in that person in each of those lives, as if we were living it at that moment. We can experience every single bit of Love and every bit of hurt, pain, and fear, including how it affects others. Why would we need a LR after we’ve left physical life?

The perplexing aspect is that if we have the LR to teach us how better to Love, then why have it after this life? We all know (for those of us that believe in reincarnation or multiple lives) that we don’t remember what happens between physical lives. How can we learn from our mistakes come our existence in the next life if we’re not allowed to remember what happens in the LR?

These concepts are ever-changing. I think Anita’s experience may be one of many that never had the LR, or they never had time for it. Either way, it may also not be necessary. It could very well be a construct for those that feel they need it, or think the rest of us do. The fact that it is basically like hell to go through the pain others feel from our hurtful thoughts and emotions seems to me to be the key. There is no place for ‘hell’ when it comes to unconditional Love. The very concept of punishment doesn’t exist.

So where does that leave us? Well, as I said before, this stuff changes all the time. What is popular now may be shunted aside in another decade or so. The Life Review could very well just be the interpretations of people raised in a religious household, and feel the “need” for things that punish, even if lovingly so. Physical existence is supposed to be the classroom of our souls. Why would we be punished for our actions not solely based in Love later versus immediately? If we’re going to learn not to hate or be in fear, then we need to learn it while in this life, not the next. It helps no one here and now to learn it in an existence that is not this life.

I know some of you will argue that the “dead” can communicate with us and help guide us away from decisions that would hurt us and others. Yes, I believe that, too. However, the power of the LR is what would do us the most good now. It kind of goes back to an assertion I’ve had that maybe what this world needs the most is for everyone to have a NDE at some point in their lives. If we all had a LR after, say, age thirty, how would that change people? Would they learn from their mistakes and try to make reality better? Most would, because NDEs are often quite profound and earth-shattering to those that have them.

I hope I’ve made a somewhat clear point here. It doesn’t bother me that people, even famous mediums and psychics, still harp the Life Review. That’s their reality. Much as how most still think one has to have a “silver cord” when traveling out of body to be connected to the body. I’ve never seen one and don’t feel that etheric connection to our bodies must be seen to know it’s there. That’s another thing that relies on comfort-levels with the unknown.

I’ll continue to read and listen to these psychics and mediums, even if I don’t agree with them on points like this. They have plenty of other insights to offer us. It’s just a matter of discerning what speaks to us, what we need to learn. And I thank them for teaching it. I just hope they know that the student may argue some of these points from time to time.

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