Posted by: kentauros | October 13, 2012

Personal Time

I knew it was coming at work, so I wasn’t surprised when I was laid off on Thursday. Interestingly, the date was 10/11/12. Numerically, I’ve been told that means getting things in your life in order. I do have plenty to do in that regard, and will be getting back to shredding again. That will go far in cutting back on the clutter. If only I could de-clutter my mind in a similar way…

Now that I’ll have the time, and even now, I’m getting back to work on some projects I’d put off. One is to get a centaur t-shirt design finished, though it’s not the one I’ve mentioned with Chiron. Rather, it’s a djinni centaur, and I’ve found it’s less work making it look right compared to just getting the other one into a composition I like. If it’s successful, I’ll work on more

With all this new time to come, I can read some more. My Kindle is filling up, though nowhere near like an avid reader would have. Nonetheless, I’ve got two Wayne Dyer books to read (Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting, and Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao), Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing”, “The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out” by Julie Murphy Casserly, “The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Character”, and “The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection.” Of course, that’s just the first page in the table of contents. Four more pages follow that, though a few of them are reference books, including one on GIS. So, if I can stay off the Internet, other than looking for work, I can catch up and be productive.

Hopefully, I can get back into the Monroe Institute sessions. There are things to come in it I’ve been looking forward to re-experiencing. I’m just a stickler for going through them methodically. I know that once I have done this, using those various methods over and over is encouraged. It helps to ‘entrain’ the mind for that ability. At the moment, I can’t remember which session it was, only that I managed to ask for and then receive four out of six numbers for the Texas Lottery, so I wouldn’t mind attempting that little method again. I only need to remember to separate myself from the anticipation of a positive outcome. I’ll post whatever results I get when it happens.

When my t-shirt designs are done, I’ll post those here along with the CafePress/Zazzle links. I have spoken with other artists that have attempted to put up “I Dream of Jeannie” art for sale, only to be told by Zazzle that it’s copyrighted. I think I’ve changed things enough that it won’t be interpreted that way. If it is, I’m ready to set them straight on why it isn’t Jeannie. And this one isn’t Jeannie, either. Well, you’ll see when I have her done.


  1. Hey Eric, So sorry to hear about the job loss. Something one never gets used to, right. The books you have sound good, a couple I’ve read myself. 🙂 I just finished a book tonight by a Dr. Mary..umm..forget her surname but it’s a near death experience book To Heaven and Back. I found it a bit too churchy but was a good read nonetheless. I saw her on a talk show earlier in the week and it intrigued me of course. 🙂 Well it sounds like you have set some goals for yourself. Hope Kipper is doing well. Good luck with your tee shirt design and all. Hopefully you won’t get any grief from anyone about copyrights. Always good to hear how you are, Eric. Take care of yourself and Kipper. 🙂

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