Posted by: kentauros | February 6, 2012

Centaur Projects

The last couple of days I’ve had on my mind the idea of making a self-portrait in centaur form. While I can draw to a little extent, I usually have to trace things first and then make details freehand. So, for a “self-portrait” I’m already doing a little bit of Photoshop manipulation to make the centaur part. After that, then I’ll trace it in Corel Painter and work on details later.

What I am envisioning for myself is different from what I’ve written for my prior centaur-life. This time, I’m seeing a Shire draft horse body, though probably not nearly as large as a real Shire. The upper body would be way out of proportion if I did it that way. Still, I can have that stockier body, thicker legs, bigger hooves and so forth. A Friesian body would work as well, yet I prefer the coloring and way the Shire’s various hairy parts (mane, tail, feathering) look. Artistic license will change things as needed, plus whatever I see when I delve deeper to start drawing that. If I like what I have created, I may have to do my own cover for my book, as I think there needs to be at least one centaur shown. Or, I’ll use my drawing as a model to describe what I want to whomever does my cover. I’ve had one artist so far (Puzzlr/Hanan) do a work-up on Cari, and I may see what she can do for Hal. The other artist I’ve often thought about using is Natasha of,  but I don’t know what her rates are like. I need a good cover, and so, I do expect an outlay of at least a couple of hundred, if not more.

Who knows? If I like my self-portrait enough, I could see putting it up on Zazzle for t-shirts and such. It may very well inspire me to work on that Chiron design I’ve been researching. Once I have something that looks “classical” enough, I’ll be able to make him, too. My “portrait” may also have Hal’s flute in it, another painting project to be finished.

Now, there is another project I’d like to attempt, as I believe I’ve written about part of it here. That is, to implore those talented centaur-artists to make figurines. The marketing would likely be the most lucrative in the New Age field, with Amazon and other online stores (like Zazzle) being good selling points, too.

The only big problem with selling to the New Age types is that it will have to be made apparent that there’s some spiritual significance to them. As that field is quite literally saturated with fairies, angels, mermaids, and unicorns, getting a hoof into that door may be difficult. The two most obvious forms that centaur figurines could take and that may sell would be those of Sagittarius and Kheiron. Or course, there’s an astrological connection to Kheiron through the planetoid/asteroid “Chiron”, so that’s another selling point. That may be the only way to get the new age types to notice the centaur form and spiritual connections before branching out into other depictions. I have no problem with fairy-centaurs, “mertaurs”, angel-centaurs and so on. I’ve seen at least the first two on deviantArt and other places.

There is one thing those of us that share this penchant for the mythological can do: engage all the fairy-, angel-, mermaid, unicorn-, and even Pegasus-lovers in discussion of the rest of the mythologies. Such discussions might especially benefit from an inclusion of those entities with a stronger masculine base, such as centaurs, fauns, satyrs, minotaurs, griffins, and all the rest. Those are all I can think of offhand, and most are Greek. These days, it seems rather strong on the feminine, and I have no problem with that. However, we need a balance, too. While I often see reminders to allow the feminine energy into our lives from spiritual teachers like Doreen Virtue, the same reminders to embrace masculine energy aren’t as forthcoming. Not that they aren’t there, far from it. However, the very nature of most fairies, angels, unicorns, and mermaids is the embracing of the feminine. Other than the mermaids, all of those forms have masculine varieties (yes, there are “mermen”, just not either known or promoted.) And, getting that hoof in the door may be rather difficult with regards to getting such artwork into physical stores. The retail world is changing, though, so it all relies more on marketing to the masses versus marketing mostly to the re-sellers.

The success of such an endeavor may require the “feminizing” of the forms at first, as that’s still the dominant energy out there in the world of the New Age. No need to go overboard, of course, just make them less “wild”, as I learned today for one possibility as to why the form isn’t embraced by the masses. Nobody wants to “cuddle up to” a centaur or satyr. The latter may get some attention through Tantra due the association with Pan. The former, though, will require a greater emphasis on Kheiron (Chiron), the Wounded Healer, in order to move into the psyche of the average New Age consumer. Otherwise, they will remain the sometimes-symbol of Sagittarius or the wild brutes ravaging the Lapiths at their marriage celebration. I’d simply like to see that change, for the better of us all.


  1. Skelkies have males as often as they have female mer people.
    OMG!! Kentauros I have a print of the famous satyr dancing with the mostly naked nymphs over my computor as we speak!!!!

    • Yeah, I know about skelkies. The problem is that the general public only cares about mermaids. Or rather, the product marketers only care about mermaids.

      Oh, I just ordered a bunch of centaur and satyr t-shirts with birthday money. Several of the shirts are by an artist I absolutely adore, and here is her site: Go exploring and you’ll see some of the cool satyrs and goddesses she has available 🙂

      And you’ll need to tell me what that “famous” print is, as I’ve seen plenty of paintings of Pan, satyrs, and fauns 😉

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