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Mostly About Writing

A new post for a new year! Now I only need to do this more often than once a year 😉

Much has happened since I last wrote. And I’ve written several entries only to either decide not to share (being overly negative and ranting) or forgot about them until I no longer wanted to share. Plus, I was laid off from my pipeline ‘technician’ job last December. In some ways, I was glad to leave it as it really wasn’t the best work for a designer. That is, we tend to want to have some say in how things get drawn and laid out. This was more of a “technician” position, where you just do the mindless work you’re told and that’s it. It doesn’t really take much in the way of skills either, other than a good knowledge of the software. Basically, it was a case of being overqualified.

Normally, I hate that term as it’s mostly used by potential employers to keep the higher-skilled workers away (they cost too much or will leave the moment something that better fits their skills comes along.) In this case, the employer probably should have used the same ‘excuse’ and hired someone not too far out of school. Most of my coworkers were relatively inexperienced, yet many of them were overqualified as well. As it stands, I’m using some of this free time to write more, get this book of fiction better organized and reading up on how to self-publish through Amazon and the rest. I do highly recommend the blog by J. Konrath, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing where he talks about this e-pub business and how to get started. He also talks about what to expect and why it’s a good idea to stay far away from the “legacy” publishers.

I know I’ve had a few centaur dreams lately, with only one being memorable. None of them had me as one, only observing or knowing of their existence. The one I still remember, in bits and pieces, was just like our world with the addition of centaurs as part of society. I know the area where I saw them was on the northwest side of town here, an area full of small industrial businesses. The dream had more industrial work going on than can be seen presently, including the centaurs working the railroad alongside the roadway there. Only some of them were on top of the rail cars, which is impressive for a being that one wouldn’t think of being nimble enough for such work. I remember nothing else about that dream. Probably because it was many months ago.

Now, as far as the progress on my book, one sometimes frustrating part is that I get ideas for later stories in the series and have to spend some time getting distracted by that. Sure, I am still enjoying the writing and getting those ideas down. I only wonder if I’m allowing myself to get too distracted when I could be taking those ideas fully out into a completed story. I can’t do that, though, because I still have to finish writing the first story. I won’t have to worry about ideas I’ve already covered and will need for the next story and so forth. Then again, my thoughts have always done this, jumped around and only focused on things long enough to see everything I need to know. Or, I learn just enough to be able to set it aside and come back later, as I will be doing sometime today to figure out on paper (or AutoCAD) some stuff about geometric solids. Yes, that does have something to do with my story.

One challenge I’m working on now is to create a meeting between my main character, Cari, and a strong psychic that’s also well-known, on the radio and so forth. Think of her like any of the spiritual teachers on HayHouse Radio and Contact Talk Radio. I feel I’ve listened to these shows often enough (and done radio shows of my own) that I can make this work. It’s still a challenge, both in making the first reactions to magic believable as well as keeping it from stretching out too much in wordiness. I’m sure it will take a rewrite or three later, but it is fun to write it.

My next challenge is continuing my research into ‘evil’ entities as an influence on the one ‘bad’ character. I had thought of making her possessed, though I may amend that idea to more of an influence in a way that appears to be like a possession. That way, it’s not so apparent to the other djinn nor detectable.

Of course, the only ‘fear’ I have is whether people will like it. I know this is unfounded as I have found plenty that like the premise and what little they’ve read of the beginning. The other important factlet I’ve thought about all that is most of the people I’ve shown it to are women. When it was a short story, it got next to no comments and the one I remember was dismissive and by a man. Perhaps I’m not really writing for a male audience, unless they’re also of the new-ager variety as me. I know at times I’ll stray into topics that might glaze over some readers’ eyes, but that’s not dependent upon them being men or women. I need only make sure such things are interesting, other than the few times where it may get very negative (death and torture stuff.)

Even as I enjoy every bit of the writing, in rereading these harsher sections, I do find it difficult for me to ‘stomach’ them. However, they are important to make the villainess truly despicable. I have no idea how J. K. Rowling did such topics in her books, but would guess they are more detailed than the movies and possibly difficult for some readers to stomach them as well. If I get feedback that is overwhelmingly against such details, then I may tone them down in subsequent books. However, I feel I must state that I’m not writing a touchy-feely new-age story. It has elements of the same all throughout, certainly. That stuff is important. I’m simply not out to teach a lesson or educate the reader. That much was one criticism of both my own and others’ with regard to Doreen Virtue’s one book of fiction. She’s a natural teacher and not so much a natural storyteller. It read much like one of her educational books. Whereas I would much rather inspire people to research any topics I touch upon for themselves. I’m not out to tell them everything there is to know on say, Sacred Geometry. There are plenty of those books and websites out there already, and far better researched than I could provide in a book of fiction.

And for those that are into this kind of thing while I am only barely so, I have recently been ‘inspired’ to go over to the Dark Side. I reluctantly joined SithBook (FB for the uninitiated) under the guise of one of the centaurs of Chiron’s age and considered one of the ‘better’ ones. Even so, he was involved in the Battle of the Lapiths while Chiron was not, and was subsequently blinded (he did kill one of the humans at the wedding.) The name also pops up as a minor character in my book, so I thought it appropriate to use the name of a Spirit Guide for Hal. I’ve also tacked on my age-old online nick for a “full name” effect. Thus, I became “Gryneos Kentauros” in proper Greek spelling, so if you look up Gryneos on Google, it will ask you if you meant “Gryneus” which is the Latin or Roman spelling and incorrect in this instance. And as the meanings of names is also important to me, Gryneos means “wood burner”. However, I’m not exactly sure of any significance to me in that meaning. I do like campfires and those in a fireplace. Is this another subconscious connection to the centaurs?


  1. All the best on your writing endeavors, Eric. Sorry you got laid off last month and hope you find something fairly quickly. Either way, make time for your writing as it’s obvious you heart is in writing. 🙂 All the best for 2012! Love, Dallas

    • Thanks, Dallas! As I indicated in the blog, I am writing still, yet the bits of the story are kind of jumbled up, and I really have to make some sense of it all. It’ll work out. Maryanne is helping me edit it, too. Once I get to the second book, I think I’ll have some kind of system to keep all of my ideas in the correct places for a smoother flow to the storytelling.

  2. Neil Gaiman, writer extraordinaire, when asked what audience he writes for replied, “I write for myself.” I’m pretty sure others have said that, as well. You might want to consider that. Kindest regards, Hermetic

    • I’ve always liked that saying, and I feel I live it, too, when I’m writing. However, I think it’s a legitimate question to also ask, “Will I have a paying audience?” Because no matter how much I like my own writing, it doesn’t do me much good if I publish something no one wants to read. It’s a waste of my time, effort, AND money to do such an endeavor. I dare say that Neil likely had such thoughts, too, before he had ever sold anything.

      Thanks for reminding me of that phrase. I do enjoy putting these weirdo ideas into something that’s fun to both write and is enjoyable to others to read. One of the biggest things I have observed about the New Age phenomenon is that there is so much weirdness to it all. I’m not trying to be insulting. I’m pretty weird myself with some of my beliefs. At the same time, I step back and look at it as non-New Agers would, and I see a wealth of ideas for stories simply because some New Age concepts are pretty bizarre! lol And I think most people like us have no problem laughing at themselves 😉

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