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What Is A Centaur?

It’s been a while since I posted, focusing mostly on writing my book as well as work, which all too often leaves me not in the mood for writing or really any creative activity. So, I get most writing done on the weekends or the few times I stop at Zabak’s for dinner. Then I can usually relax a little, plug in some music of my choice to drown out “The Spectrum” or whatever the satellite-radio station is called (my new definition for their music-mix is “Old Hippies Still Reminiscing While Keeping Their Kids Happy With Modern Bands”) and write, mostly on my fiction. And the following is from at least two such sessions, and is getting a rewrite today. What you’ll read next, has some corrections, thanks to me finding a really nice site on Chiron and plenty of historical accounts about him and his origins, as well as the origins of the centaurs, at least by historians. The idea that they might really have existed, albeit as Light Beings or other forms not entirely material is not re-addressed. I still have no idea myself what’s being their spiritual origins and may have to meditate on that sometime, see where it takes me.


I have asked this and similar questions of myself lately, beyond the physical characteristics, and trying to get more at the heart of it all. Certainly, I’ve read those few science-types that feel they must take all the fantasy out of the form, and proving once and for all why they could never exist. Of course, they base their ‘proof’ on things like caloric intake of horses and humans and then assume the inner organs will be exactly the same, minus a few limbs. Any other explanation is not acceptable, especially the idea of different universes where the rules are likely not the same as they are here. I’ve never been able to convince the detractors of these possibilities, so I don’t bother any more. I like to look beyond what we know as possible in our world, to those times, places or realms where our accepted rules don’t apply.

So, where does that put me now? Specifically, I have asked Asrial about this, and their world — no, our world — is one of those existences where the rules of science may be similar in some respects and non-existent in others. The latter would be the explanation behind how centaurs can be real there, how they can materialize that which they need and how they leave that world when they die. Much of that could happen in this world, though I’m not entirely sure how. I feel it has to do with better meditation, connecting the spirit to knowledge we have yet to find or have not distributed to the rest of the world. The latter gets into way too many conspiracy-type thoughts, and I don’t want to cover it. Robert Monroe’s “Monroe Institute”, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences are more likely to open those possibilities to the world than all the fringe-sciences out there. My intuition, though, is that we will attain such abilities, and the centaur (among other fantastic forms) will be realized.

What the above doesn’t explain, however, is why the centaur exists, even if only in fantasy and myth. The accounts of their origins in this world are mixed with mythology and reality, the latter being that of the “bull-killers” of ancient Thessaly. What I’ve read on this is that they spent a good deal of their lives on horseback, hunting bulls in the mountains and forests. According to the scholarly account for the origins of centaurs on the site Theoi Greek Mythology (specifically from the entry Kentauroi Thessalioi) it is then surmised that the bull-killers were perceived by their neighboring tribes as “one with the horse” and not separate. It’s at this point that I feel this is a weak supposition, assuming quite a bit on the part of the people that made the confused notion. That they would then create a myth around something only seen and not experienced either close-up or in visions doesn’t really grab me as good enough. Again, my intuition here is that centaurs were seen in visions, by shamans/oracles and ‘common’ folk alike. We all have heard of “vision quests” or even had the opportunity to take them, so we understand how something on the order of a centaur would make for a powerful impression. I find that more plausible than a confused observation that would have likely been disproven almost immediately with the riders getting closer. Visions like these could also have provided the kind of detail that comes into the mythology later. I do acknowledge that mythology was sometimes created by governments/religions/scholars to keep the peons in check. Yet people, shamans, oracles and so forth were still having visions and creating the detailed stories and relationships among the myths. In my mind, they connected to those worlds where the “mythological creatures” exist, and thus, found the centaur, among other related inhabitants (fauns, satyrs, hinds, minotaurs.)

The mythology of those times never got into the concepts of where they came from, other than from the heavens, the stars and the minds (and loins) of the gods. So, I’m back to the original question: what is a centaur? My perspective is that they are more Beings of Light than the lower physical universe energies. Okay, that explains the ones I consider part of my spirit and heritage. What of those that could exist in our physical universe? I see them as no different than the light-being types, other than the lack of ‘powers’. Their bodies would still be the same, perhaps like physical projections of their light-body selves. Their internal organs and configurations might still be the same, and why they could actually work as such. I don’t know anatomy or any of the sciences that could accept a centaur as is. At the same time, if such a fantastic being were ever to be ‘made’ in our world (or discovered on others) then our scientific communities are just going to have to learn how to think in the terms of the fantastic and not be cowed into accepted conventions and norms. I’m enough of a cynic, though, to realize that such a thing isn’t likely to happen in my lifetime, at least not with the conventional sciences as they are today.

A ‘real’ centaur as I see them might not come into being in this world in even the next century, but I don’t dismiss it as being impossible. They are ‘real’ in my mind, my thoughts and my spirit. When we are able to connect to any of that in methods that can materialize them beyond special effects in visual media, then we may be on the road to making them in the physical. One very important fact will have to be made clear before that can happen, though. That is, a centaur is no more a “half man, half horse” than a mermaid is “half woman, half fish” or fairies are “wee folk with wings.” I can think of no other ‘mythical’ creature where the general public refers to them as their description at least as often as their species name. A centaur is a centaur, nothing more and nothing less.

With that out of the way, maybe I’ll get back to a point and an answer. A centaur is, to me, as much a form as it is a manner of existence. The form denotes the power that, admittedly, is from that of the horse, while encompassing the higher mind and spirit of the human. It may seem like I’m contradicting myself from the above statement that a centaur is just that and not half-horse/half-man. It’s simply that these characteristics are together in one form, even as they come from different sources. Mention ‘mermaid’ or ‘fairy’ to anyone and most, if not all, will think of them exactly as the word should evoke. ‘Centaur’ still does not do this, for whatever reasons. So, I’ll likely still be fighting this misnomer for ages. As for it the idea of the centaur as a way of being or existing, that’s connected absolutely to these aforementioned characteristics. The implication is of a strong connection to nature through that which at first glance seems torn directly from nature, i.e., the horse, with the equal connection to the higher thoughts and visions through that which appears to be human. In a way, C.S. Lewis achieved this for his talking animals by giving higher minds and self-awareness to mere ‘wild’ animals. The centaur makes for a more approachable form to humans by keeping much of that with which they are most familiar and discarding what is of little consequence to the whole. Both ‘animals’ gain in this melding and the centaur is born.

Thanks to my own conditioning into this form through dreams, meditations and my imagination, I could see living as a centaur, no problem, at least mentally. It would require a major change in lifestyle, however, because it’s just not a practical form to our current world. Almost no part of our society is set up for the use of horses, and no home, building or transport is made to accommodate anyone that is taller than seven feet (2.1 meters.) Add to that a body that weighs anywhere from many hundreds of kilos to almost a metric ton and is as big as a large desk, and you’re restricted to the stairs in most buildings, trailers on trucks (or a modified handicapped van), or from using any other conveyance made just for humans and smaller animals. No more multi-storied houses without special ramps and each level would have to be with at least 3-meter (ten-foot) ceilings. While that’s sometimes more efficient than standard eight-foot (2.4-meter) ceilings, it’s not a normal request in home-construction, other than commercial buildings for businesses. Although, one of my favorite comic creators, Donna Barr, had her centaurs in “Stinz” limber enough to climb ladders! They were also of the smallest form, with that of a pony-type lower body, and so, better able to fit into buildings made for humans. Their own society wasn’t much different than ours. Even so, it would still require some major adjustments with the smallest form as it’s simply not human.

The spiritual aspect of them fits me nicely. I am strongly connected to the earth while at the same time ever delving deeper into the worlds of spirit. What is interesting (or odd, depending on your perspective) is how the centaur form hasn’t yet made it into the general consciousness of spiritual-fantasy forms. Yes, it’s popular today thanks partly to the Hercules series and the Narnia movies. And while I might find many wanting to disagree with me on this, just walk into any gift shop, spiritual book store or New Age type store, both in the physical and online. The centaur is woefully absent, whether in the form of figurines, shirts, calendars, cards, and within books. About the only place you’ll find an accepted entry is in astrology, thanks to the asteroid/planetoid Chiron and the sign of Sagittarius. You will find a preponderance of angels, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, Pegasus, wizards and other pagan symbols. Granted, most of those have to do with feminine energy, but not all. And yet, the centaur is absent. I can only hope that as my own writing includes, it will then spur something beyond the mindset of relegating them to toys and t-shirts. Maybe I’ll touch on something that inspires an interest in the artists supplying all the other figures out there, and from there, an interest in the sellers and customers. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing about them, now more in the context of stories than ‘solely’ my connection to them.

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