Posted by: kentauros | March 12, 2011

Help for Japan

I’m sure most of us have been following the disaster in Japan, and seen those incredible pictures and videos of the devastation. I know for one that I should not have watched when they were “fresh” last night, as I didn’t sleep well because of having those images in my mind. Of course, that’s nothing compared to what the Japanese people have and are going through. Even with a background here of having stayed put through several very large and powerful hurricanes, even those cannot compare to a tsunami. I found myself yelling at a recorded video for the drivers to toss civility and caution to the wind and just floor it! Thankfully, the helicopter cameraman did not follow the wave as it caught up to fleeing vehicles. Still, I won’t forget those scenes.

Now, about the helping part. Here are several organizations you can donate through, or help out in other ways, such as volunteering. I hadn’t heard of GlobalGiving before, but it looks like a great organization. I learned about it from a fellow member of DemocraticUnderground, AsahinaKimi. I thank her for pointing me and the rest of us to the following pages:


American Red Cross

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

The ICRC link is for their efforts to reunite families after the earthquake and tsunami. They link several sites in their article for helping out.

Give what you can, however much or little. It all helps. Namaste.

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