Posted by: kentauros | November 14, 2010

The Centaur Life (and Death)

The following stems from seeing this other world, that centaur world, partly from trying to nap at the shop where I take my car for maintenance and maybe a little automatic writing, too. It’s not complete, but I think the end is a good stopping point. Plus, I know it will spur me on to write more about this world and their life, not to mention getting more of it into my Djinnified book.

I have made a few edits, mainly to keep the flow and not start so abruptly from what was before. Also, I changed it to past tense instead of how I first recorded it, in present tense.


The vision had me inside of my home there, looking at the rear of the first-floor room. That was where the ramp upstairs started and took up at least the rear of the house. The ramp entrance was also on the left, though there was a large pantry or closet between that and the fireplace on the far left. I have to add here that the home felt more like a small inn due to its boxy shape, but I guess some of the old-style German apartments were much like this, too. Maybe that’s where some of these visuals are based, thanks to movies and photos from German friends.

I decided to walk up the ramp, finding it to turn right once I had gone the width of the room. The turn took it up the entire depth of the house; that is, going toward the front wall. About halfway up the full distance there was a landing and enough room to make the U-turn to go on up the other way, which I did. The ramp then turned to the left, climbing the rest of the way to the top. I paused briefly to look back on that top landing, where a railing with turned-wood supports like many a human house guarded against accidents and allowed one to look down over the rest of the ramp. The landing had a large opening into the bedroom, framed in a dark, reddish wood, with evenly spaced square ‘windows’ on the sides, though they were filled with a cream fabric instead of glass or even paper. That design made me notice the rest of the interior style to be somewhat like a Japanese house, minus the paper walls. The bedroom was of a similar design, and our bedding was really nothing more than a really large futon on the floor with pillows.

I stepped in and over to the right side of the bedding, as facing the ‘head’ of the bed. Kneeling down, I dropped my rear legs and body onto the jute flooring. I heard Asrial’s voice, though she didn’t come up the ramp. More like I heard her as my Guide, and then she was there on the other side of the room. She suggested I move over onto the bedding before rolling over. I did as suggested, just kind of ‘walking’ on my knees and folded legs, scooting over until I was on the bedding with a couple feet of it to my right. That allowed me to then shift my weight, moving a front leg to roll down on my right side, holding my upper body with my hand and arm. I turned my torso so I could lower it to the bedding and pillows, watching as Asrial did the same process. Being on my right side, I faced Asrial. I self-consciously tried to keep my legs folded and not get into a tangle of hooves and legs with her. I’m tired there, as if my waking life is spilling over, and ready to make good use of that bed. Asrial has propped her head up to watch me, smiling.

I know she wasn’t tired and would remain there as I slept, too. She was there as my Guide in that moment, even in this vision and not the centauress mate in that other life. I was fully there, too, and about to experience sleeping as a centaur. Plumping my pillow, I smiled back to her and closed my eyes. Slumber came fast and I was gone from that place, at least visually.

My dream had me standing on those surrounding plains, only I had aged considerably. This was the end of my centaur life there and I’d made the decision to incarnate in the human world. I was surrounded, too, by all of my friends, family, and pretty much the whole community plus some others from those other villages of our world.

I carried a frame drum Asrial had made for me long ago, and explained to my current human self recently. Unlike the drums made in our world, theirs were made with neither from the skins of animals nor synthetics as they had none of the latter and all centaurs were vegetarians. Instead, it was like both a fabric and paper. The plants from which it was created provided the fibers and a resin for binding. The resin also had the ability to loop the fiber strands together, making for a paper that could stretch taut as needed for a drum. They had made use of it for many applications over the years, including their books, as it was still paper after all. And the drum had helped me make music with the rest of them when we had our festivals, celebrations and just plain old fun times together.

Asrial had aged gracefully like we all did. Sure, we had graying hair, but our bodies were still strong. We simply had a time when we left this world and went on to the next or back to this one. One vital thing we had inherited from Kheiron was something of his longevity. We lived for hundreds of years, had a very low birthrate and died energetically, full body. We all gathered for the death of another to help them ‘lose’ their body and trot off to the next life. That is, as a group, we dissolved and dissipated the energy of the body and freed the spirit. It was painless, and quite a beautiful sight. To the group, we perceived all forms of energy together in order to take that energy back to ground. Only the spirit of each centaur was free to move to wherever. We kept just the energy that had created the body and its long-lived health. My drum would be similarly dissolved as it had become a part of me like my voice. I would carry its spiritual energy with me whenever I went and the ability to take it up again whenever I desired that skill. The same was true for my singing as I have discovered in this life.

Over my 250+ years of life there, I had helped a fair number of us leave this world for the next. I knew what it felt like from the side of the living, and never from the side of the leaving. Some things were the same in every world, such as what it was like to die. Although we in this human life have what are called ‘near death experiences’ that wasn’t a part of my centaur life. I did know about astral travel and had explored many different realities that way, including this one. However, going out of body was not as much like an NDE as it is a dream or vision. We knew such a thing existed, but it was only for the Earth-reality, that we could discover. We did acknowledge that we didn’t know everything, so there could be other worlds out there that understood the NDE and could experience it like us humans. So, we centaurs developed and refined our abilities with astral travel, waking visions, and dreams. There are certainly many overlaps to Native Peoples even as we lived more like a cross between Renaissance Europeans and gypsies, minus the nomadic urge. Our community life was a kind of cross-cultural hodgepodge, at least from the perspective of humans looking upon it. To us, as centaurs, it was simply our normal everyday life.

Although I had said all of my good byes to everyone as the process began and my body started to lose cohesion, I still faced Asrial with my hand over my heart and a big smile to her, projecting my Love to her and all the rest. I had witnessed every single other centaur do something similar to this and now I knew why. The moment the process began, all veils were lifted, including everything that would ever limit a mind and spirit from Being in the physical in the same way one was able to Be in the non-physical. I could project pure and unblemished Love to all I chose to receive it and they would, too. The other thing I felt as it proceeded was that it was akin to how a djinni dissolves into their smoky essence. Their mind, their spirit is still there even as the physical form is not. I was losing my shell, and it fell away almost in layers, with only my spirit remaining. To Asrial and the others, I appeared to just fade away even as I stood there, continuing to project my love and appreciation for them all.

At last, all physical matter was gone and everyone dropped their outstretched arms and hands. They had been pulling back their energy as my body ceased existence until they did not have to expend any more. However, their hearts and minds were as open as ever, receiving my final farewell as I turned and literally trotted off away from them and that world. To their senses, my spirit faded as I headed away while I witnessed my familiar world fade away to be replaced with one of Light and Love.


I could probably take this further, perhaps inducing a “between lives regression” to see if there’s anything else to experience. My imagination can certainly take me into many possibilities without that meditative process, though I’m happy with what I’ve written here. There’s plenty more to ‘see’ of the centaur life and that’s where my thoughts are drawn the most. I’m sure I’ll make more posts on this to come.

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