Posted by: kentauros | October 15, 2010

Wisdom Roll

It’s been three weeks all ready?! Damn, but time flies when you have a job. That and getting home often too tired to do this kind of writing. So, I finally got around to editing something I wrote earlier this year, before I knew I would have a blog for it. And just so some of you know, it has nothing to do with gaming! Here we go…

We see those “Honor Roll Student” stickers on cars, trucks, SUVs and whatever else. They’re ubiquitous. We hardly notice them any more, and when we do, there’s no real reaction to them one way or another. It makes one wonder why to even display them at all, other than to massage the egos of their parents (or the egos of the recipient when it’s on their cars.)

It made me wonder about all that, how so many get on the honor roll these days, compared to when I was in school (it really wasn’t that long ago, only about 30 years.) Some of my friends were on it, and it was obvious to all they were well-qualified for the honor. Most of my friends weren’t so honored, even if they could have been. It all depended on how well you applied yourself and went for that goal. That goal was never all that important to me, or some of my other friends. Better to get by and have fun, learning as needed but no more.

What was learned as we grew was what we all learn, or perhaps, we should: wisdom. Why isn’t there a “Wisdom Roll”? One answer I have to that is it takes more time than that of merely high school to develop wisdom. Experience is a big factor and that almost always takes time. Sure, some experiences can be had in one event, making one wise enough to not do that again. However, that’s not what I’m getting at here. More like the development of the kind of person to whom people refer with respect and admiration. The smartest of us get that to some extent, such as Nobel Prize winners. An intellectual is not necessarily the wisest, some may not be wise at all. The Dalai Lama is an exception, though it could be argued that the Pope is only highly intelligent, what with their current crisis of ethics. I have no idea how the Dalai Lama would react to a similar situation, but my instinct tells me he’d face it and be more assertive in getting something done. In my mind, he is truly a Wise Man.

This appears to be one of those qualities to humanity that must be earned and not simply learned. We appreciate the likes of the Dalai Lama, and to some extent, the Pope (at least when there’s no controversy involved.) We see them as the epitome of what we could be, too, were we so inclined to make that step. So, why won’t people seek wisdom at whatever age? Possibly one answer would be maturity, in the sense of emotions and intellect. Our society doesn’t really endear such qualities in us, seeming to be more intent to push wisdom aside. It’s not really all that profitable, either.

So, where does that get us (and where am I going?)

I have no plan and my answers are all fully debatable. I’d simply like to see something like a “Wisdom Roll” started perhaps in high school and continued through the rest of life. The “Who’s Who” list comes to mind, yet even that has lost much of its respect in years past. From my own limited experience with it, there appears to be less criteria for getting so recognized, though a cursory search online showed that it does cover the highly intelligent among us, as well the leaders. However, what I saw in that search seemed to focus on achievement and not so much accumulation of wisdom. My one example of experience with such recognition awards was how I remember my past-wife getting asked to be listed; I just can’t remember why now. She’s a writer as well and a good one at that, so maybe that’s all it takes these days.

Nonetheless, some kind of criteria is needed for determining a level of wisdom worthy of being honored. Such a designation would be far more appreciated than the current honor roll label. Would I be listed? I have no idea; that would be up to y’all.

Death to ubiquity! 🙂


  1. It was funny for me to read ‘past wife’ altho I remember Doreen coming up with that phrase about our ex’s. 😉 I don’t remember what that was about, by the way. 😉

    Enjoyed your ‘rant’. 😉 Personally I don’t like the idea of any kind of wisdom or hono(u)r roll. It’s all based on ego traits and as we rise above those tendencies, we’ll be more open to acceptance of everyone and their own unique gifts. We’re all on a wisdom roll by our own standards. We don’t need another to tell us how good we are. We already know we’re the best just as we are evolving. Like you said, it comes from experience and isn’t that truly what life is about..experiences of all kinds. In the ‘end’ will it matter that you were or not on an honour roll? Probably not. 🙂

    Thanks for lending an ear..

    Dallas 🙂

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