Posted by: kentauros | September 3, 2010

Respiratory Respite

Bronchitis. Never had it before and I know I don’t want it again. I can’t say whether it will be gone for good now that I’m on prescription medication, but I’m certainly going to improve my health from now on. One daily dose of health will be the inclusion of green tea throughout the day. The more I read about it, the more I need to just make up large amounts on the weekend and take a quart to work every day. It’s an immunity-booster and has many other healthful properties to accept into my body. Time to find bulk sources of quality green tea!

This has certainly been an ordeal, though. Coughing that’s been almost non-stop, day and night. It’s the nighttime coughing that is sometimes the worst. I say “sometimes” because what’s really the worst is the kind of coughing that refuses to dislodge the offending material and you end up with cramped abdominal muscles. Sure, it’s a workout, but not the kind of exercise I’ve been looking for.

The antibiotics are helping, even if it’s only for five days total. I hope that’s enough. I do believe strongly in antibiotics and will take them whenever they are prescribed. However, I also make sure I get enough pro-biotics during the same period. Otherwise, you might not want to be sitting next to me at a desk or table…

After two days of either waiting or delays, I’ve finally gotten the third of my prescriptions. This is for a cough syrup and the big drugstore chain I tend to like and use couldn’t get it. They had also quoted me $109 for it! I had already paid out almost $80 for the antibiotics and anti-asthma medication, so I had steeled myself for the next big hit on my bank account.

I have someone to thank, however, or I do once I figure out who, because the pharmacy I was referred to only charged $16.85! I even commented about the original quoted price and was told the big chain was probably not going with the generic. I didn’t really understand why they wouldn’t because I’ve usually had pharmacies ask if generic was okay. I just assumed that in this case there wasn’t one. I’ll figure out who guided me to this superior (and tiny) pharmacy and continue to use them in the future.

The one thing I look forward to is being able to sleep on my normal (and single) pillow. Having to prop myself up at an angle doesn’t lend itself to easy sleeping, or not without a little help from Mr. Valerian. The cough syrup I just bought might help, too, so we’ll see.

Three colds or some kind of flu-like bug brought all this on, and I never had any of them diagnosed. Being without insurance kind of puts a cramp in the little things like going to the doctor and only paying out the minor co-pay and getting that coveted drug discount. I have no name then for the viruses or whatever it was that I ‘incubated’ three times this summer. Only that I did get it, and three times is what it took to turn it into bronchitis and a pain in too many places to name.

Now I have to self-analyze the causes of my lowered immunity, my allergies and do something about them all. The expense isn’t as bad as it sounds. It’s the almost total disruption of my normal waking and sleeping life that I dislike the most. Being unable to breathe well has to be one of the most tiring forms of illness I’ve ever experienced, and I’m simply not going to go through this again. My greatest hope is that this is going to spur me on to those forms of health I’ve been seeking for some time now, including losing weight. I know there’s a connection to that and my lowered immunity, so we’re back to the green tea. One of its beneficial properties is that of improving metabolism. Not a huge amount, but it’s a boost nonetheless. That’s all I need anyway, a nudge here and there. The bronchitis was more of a full double hind-leg kick, but sometimes that’s what it takes. I’m listening and taking heed now.


  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Eric. It certainly sounds like you’ve had a rough summer being sick. You might also want to do some chakra cleansing on your throat and heart chakras. They need help now. I clicked the ‘subscribe by email to this site’ so I hope now I get an email when you post to your blog. On my name domain I’m using WordPress as well. 🙂 Take care of yourself! Love, Dallas

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