Posted by: kentauros | August 24, 2010

Poke You in the Third Eye!

I really hate being sick. Or rather, I strongly dislike being sick. I’m not sure hate should be used even on something that makes us feel so badly already. ‘Hate’ is a very powerful word, so I’m trying to excise it for the most part from my vocabulary. Still, who likes the unwell part of being ‘sick’? Children trying to get out of school (or adult “children” trying to get out of work) might say ‘I do!’ at least until they get one of these weird ‘colds’ where even drinking water to try to rehydrate makes you nauseous. I think most people would balk at the choice of that or school/work.

So, as I sit here coughing my head off, waiting on my lentil soup to be delivered to my table, I’m trying to see something good in this Thing from Hay-el. Yes, I have admitted online that I try my best not to go out into crowded public spaces when I’m sick, but I was already out, getting a drug test for new employment (Yay!) and was in the area. Plus, I would just have to go shopping at a crowded grocery anyway if I wanted soup as I’m out of that back home. One mistake I made this past weekend with regards to grocery shopping was to go to my local Whole Foods during the middle of the day on a Saturday. What a crowd! I think half of them were there strictly for the free samples, and those sample stations were set up everywhere! I had to avoid plenty of eye-contact, partly because I didn’t want to cough in their general direction. Now wouldn’t that have been something. “Whole Foods Sample Station Spreads Boomerang Bug!” As if they don’t have enough bad press from their CEO’s antics online.

What have occurred during this “test” of my immune system are some weird dreams as well as beginning to get some flashes of insight on Hans and that other life. As with too many ideas for either story-telling or other information used in my life, I got this one while in the shower. I’ve found that there are a few places where my mind wanders enough through various ideas and scenarios when doing something rather mundane. Of course, driving on Houston freeways is far from mundane and often downright dangerous, but when you’re stuck in the ubiquitous afternoon stop-n-go traffic, nothing is moving fast enough to be dangerous. You’ve got time to think, at least for those of us not yapping, surfing, texting, doing paperwork, shaving, reading, applying/removing makeup and all the additional things people do other than driving. At least if I’m just in my own thoughts with the only “distractions” being the other drivers around me, I can focus on them when they do something dumb without having to do much more than put that thought on hold. I sometimes wonder if people are afraid of their own thoughts, what with all the distractions they give themselves that prevent deeper thinking.

Okay, back on topic. The shower and driving are the two biggest places where I often get to just think and not have to worry about too many interruptions. The only other places that come to mind are the library and this cafe where I like to eat. Although I get interrupted here, it’s not in a bad way, and watching people eat (as well as easily overhearing some conversations) has inspired me for story ideas and details. I’m sure there are other places people have where insight comes without much effort, but I can’t think of them. Comment and tell me all about it!

It’s probably been at least a couple of weeks now since I started thinking about Hans and what we did there in that centaur-world. He’s older than me, so he knew things to teach and I was willing to learn. I got this image of us standing out in the country away from the village, but not too far, side by side but turned to partially face the other. The sun was setting in the distance and I was learning from him about overtoning. People on this planet (Earth) that have not only learned how to do harmonic overtone singing but have had the chance to sing with others together have told me that there’s nothing else like it in the vocal arts. I’ve never had that opportunity and never been formally trained, having learned the technique from Jonathan Goldman’s book “Healing Sounds” so I have no idea what it’s like. I’m guessing it’s one of those experiences difficult to put into words.

The vision I had of Hans and I overtoning together gave me the impression that the sound we were making was much like what humans here have experienced. I didn’t ‘hear’ what we were singing, only that there were times when he was instructing me in a different tone or pitch as well as different embouchures for my lips and tongue. Overtoning is done primarily inside of your mouth, by shaping your tongue in certain ways against the roof of your mouth and the back of your teeth. The rest of the technique has to do with how you shape your lips to change the pitch. It’s really a lot of fun and once you get the basics down, “singing in the shower” can actually be therapeutic! The echoes and reverberation caused by the confined walls gives the harmonics more depth and volume. This is why some singers have made recordings in cisterns, water-towers and caves.

This vision has stayed with me even over the course of all this digestive and respiratory upset. It made its mark in my mind, so even with recording it a couple of weeks later, the details haven’t faded. My intuition is telling me that I should explore this one in meditation, and soon. I would like to do that, too. Maybe it will give my subconscious a boost in making the centaur dreams come back; because one of them has already, however briefly.

This was really two dreams in one or something like that. While I’m unwell, my ability to sleep uninterrupted for periods longer than a couple of hours keeps me from dreaming much. Or, I have dreams that are “still going” when I wake up to cough and then go back to sleep. This series of “snippet-dreams” happened a few nights ago when I wasn’t sleeping more than an hour or less at a time, trying to get my body comfortable enough to drop off longer than that. The result was plenty of even weirder dreams than normal, remembered in very brief clips, such as the following djinni-dream.

The magical woman in question was one of my best friends (not in real life, just in the dream) and we were outside in the evening talking about things as we sat near a gazebo, but the smaller kind like people have in their backyards. It may have even been at her home, too, but that’s not a given. She had started a family with her master and they were now having some financial difficulties, presumably because her husband was a fool with regards to wishes, or maybe some other unspoken reason (but the sense was I knew he wouldn’t make wishes for wealth.) Therefore, I offered her money as a no-interest loan, payable whenever they could pay me back. She turned me down, not wanting to take advantage that way because her husband wouldn’t take advantage of her talents. I think I tried to get her to take it anyway, but she again politely refused. I don’t remember exactly if she asked if there was anything she could do for me, but it seems like she did and that was an offer of magic as I recall. I did reach out with my left arm to take her in a hug, saying that she could help me with something else, and I remember how she balked at first. I also remember how she was either black-haired or a brunette, and kind of frail in body. She wore normal clothing, though all I can remember seeing was the white sleeveless blouse or tunic she had on. I quickly explained that I meant she could find a djinni for me and that changed her mood for the better, allowing me to hug her as friends do. Nothing else happened after that, except that I awakened just enough to allow my imagination to take it and transform the outcome. The dream was over by then, so all that happened after was just my unbridled imagination making things more desirable.

Somewhere in these skipping dreams I found myself outside at night again and talking with a man that was adjusting something on a horse-drawn carriage. His clothing suggested either the chauffeur of a wealthy family that liked old-style carriages or the dream was in the past. That part wasn’t that important, only what he said when he looked back to me: “That adds a little more spring to the step, doesn’t it?” His comment made me look down at my feet and I realized I wasn’t human. I was looking at my left front hoof and fetlock as I lifted it off the ground. It shocked me to see that as I never felt a difference in how I stood between centaur-style and human-style. I am still not sure if I changed form the moment he asked about that added spring to my step or if I had been standing there as a dark-bay coated centaur the whole time. Either way, I didn’t answer him and just followed as he walked to the front of his horses. The dream faded out at that point, leaving me waking up to think about a portion of my big djinni story where one of the main characters experiences a similar unnoticed transformation.

My feeling from all of this is that my guides are poking at me to pay attention to them, no matter the issue. Admittedly, there are plenty of distractions at home to keep me from doing the serious writing, never mind the blog-writing. Also, some speculate that the manifestation of illness is because something is blocked spiritually. What that is in my case, I have no idea. The guides will probably speak up soon now that I’ve acknowledged both their presence again as well as this idea that something in my spiritual life is blocking health. I’d say it’s about time I got serious about meditation again. Nothing bad will ever come of that and I’ve got everything to gain.


  1. I’m impressed still by how much better your writing has become. Enjoying your blog, Eric. Good stuff. O, and your Dad is 80! I didn’t send him greetings but I thought of him 😉 I bought my name domain now so check it out when you can! Thanks, Dallas

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