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First off, I know it’s been over a week since I last posted. That’s thanks to a cold and the subsequent disruption of my normal intestinal functions. The latter is still with me, and I’m hoping it allows me just one little trip to Austin to help my family celebrate my father’s 80th birthday. If not, well, they know I’ll be there in spirit, anyway…

So, not only have I so far admitted that I feel I have a soul from a centaur reality but also that there’s a deep connection to the Middle East, including that of the djinn. However, other than writing about the djinn, I haven’t really found a ‘reality’ in my spirit like I have for the centaur. There have been hints at it, just not with the frequency and profoundness as that of the centaur. I’ll probably write on that subject eventually, once I’ve visited that area of my spiritual realities.

Where all these dreams and meditation experiences have led me is to take that meditative state further with Asrial’s and Hans’ help. I’m not sure when I started looking, but it’s been sometime in the last three years, after my marriage broke up. Plenty of soul-searching took place around then, mostly through meditation.

Now before it starts to sound like I’m very disciplined at practicing meditation every day, well, I don’t. My interest in it goes in spurts and I don’t always go into it with the idea of learning more about my spiritual self. Sometimes it’s just to relax and unwind. But when I do go with the intent to learn, I often come away with some interesting insights and visions.

With the intention to know more about my centaur roots, I connected with Asrial and Hans in my meditation place. The way to our centaur-world was just a short walk within my space. It’s not that my space was that other world, only that we walked to it, transforming that reality as we walked. However, there wasn’t much to change, at least for the landscape. It was still a world of rolling hills and grasslands, though the grass was shorter. Trees were in abundance, just not as a forest; more like I’ve what I’ve seen in my more detailed meditation place with more sources of water, too. We went into a lower plain in that reality, now with a village of wooden homes and other buildings. None of them were more than two-storeys tall with architectural designs like old European styles, though not a direct match there, either. The thoroughfare along which my house faced was not paved, nor was it just dirt. It was all short green grass, not unlike what someone would have for a lawn in our reality, just no need to mow it.

This village wasn’t very big, either. I still haven’t fully explored it, so there may be more to it than I’ve yet seen. In fact, I feel there is, and I’ll see it all once I go back for more visits. For now, this is what I know for the village of this other ‘home’.

Asrial and Hans took me inside of what turned out to be our house, as we all lived there. Asrial had been my mate while Hans was akin to a brother, just not related. We were a family albeit one without children. I can’t recall now if I saw any younger centaurs in the village or not. If that reality works that way, I’ll see them another time. My intuition isn’t telling me anything one way or the other at this time, though my suspicion is that there may be children there. Part of that has to do with one of Asrial’s talents as well as my own. First, a little more about our house.

Stepping inside the first and only room is a large dining area with a fireplace at one end. Everything is really plain, no designs to speak of and it’s all wood, other than the fireplace being all stone. (I do acknowledge that I may see more detail in subsequent visits, though.) There’s no kitchen and no gathering room, like a den or “great room” as they call them now. The rear of the room is the beginning of a low ramp leading up to the next floor. It’s not very steep, and I know by looking at it that there are no staircases here. Stairs are a nemesis of centaurs; they can go up them, but coming back down is another matter altogether. Ramps work best, though there’s still a slight amount of apprehension at least for me in thinking about it. I would guess that growing up with using them that there’d be no such fear and it would just be taken in stride, so to speak. What the second floor was like, I don’t know as we never went up there. My feeling is it’s just the bedrooms, though again, more like a common room with large mattresses to sleep lying down. There are other ways for centaurs to sleep, but I’m not getting that feeling here.

Now the reason that there’s no kitchen didn’t come as that great of a surprise to me, and I suppose this could be part of my connection to the djinn. Some of us in that reality could make our own food. It seemed like ‘magic, but we didn’t think of it that way there. Also, we only created what we needed, so no waste of energy and effort. Asrial was the one in our family that made the meals, though it wasn’t because of patriarchal notions as we have in this reality. The talent was spread out among males and females, and they all shared with others. So, Asrial didn’t just feed us, she also fed any others that wanted it. Her other talent is one that just came to me the other day as a strong intuition when I was thinking about writing this. That is, she’s a natural storyteller and shares her tales with the rest of the village.

That is one thing I remember a little was that information was shared in small groups, usually relaxing on grassy knolls just for that purpose. It never felt like teaching, just a way to connect with everyone else and share what you knew. We all did that, though in my visit I did not do such things. If in other visits I connect more directly, then I may participate and be able to relate even more.

My talent there appeared to be that of healing, whether through my hands or by singing. In this life, I am not trained in the vocal arts and have had to teach myself overtoning. I’m sure there are probably things I’m doing wrong as far as proper technique, but so long as I can make harmonic sounds, I’m not worried about being exact.

The impression I’ve received about this base-reality is that, in their everyday lives, they use many of the spiritual-concepts we’ve all read, heard or done. They still live a life that could exist in our world even if their seemingly magical abilities weren’t there. They take a simple path, still rich with variety through song, stories, dance and maybe other arts.

I can see myself in that reality, living it as another equal member of that centaur-society. And though it may seem too simple compared to what we have today, my feelings are that I have only scratched the surface of what kind of life they have there. It still calls me back, so I’ll have to explore a little more, fill in the details and report back.


  1. Just stopping by to let you know I REALLY enjoy your blog posts. The blog itself has a lovely tranquil, inviting feel to it, so it’s nice to come over here for a visit to read.

    Thanks for sharing in such great detail. It helps me “be” there, too.

    Hugs to you!

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