Posted by: kentauros | July 27, 2010

Elements of Visualization

Thanks to multitudes of readers (okay, one of a handful of readers) this post will be about how visualization can be achieved. I will admit that it comes fairly easily to me, and I attribute that to both a vivid imagination and a semi-engineering background. While I’m not an engineer, I am a draftsman, so it’s been in my daily life for some time.

Now, what to start with first? I would say that a strong imagination is the first aspect to have. Even if your own imagination isn’t that strong, you can always use scenes and scenarios others have created in fiction, television, movies, advertisements, cartoons and any other art-forms. If you can put yourself into that world, you’re already most of the way there. What gets you the rest of the way is how you adjust your surroundings to the point where it’s as if you really are in your private realm. You can then add any of your normal physical senses to this world in order to perceive it like another reality. Here’s where the feelings of visualization come into play.

In my entry on what it felt like to be a centaur, I relate that which is central to having a good visualization experience, i.e., feeling it. We are all different in what is our primary method of ‘seeing’, like with the “four claires” for the psychic among us as well as that one sense in which we most rely or are strongest. However, I would add another sense to all of this: the sense of vibration. One analogy might be how it feels when you realize the dream you are having is just a dream and you now have control. Another example would be how you feel over your whole body when an OBE begins. In the physical world, it could be when you feel that shiver from the sound of a favorite song or instrumental as well as something that just makes you feel great all over. These are all senses of vibration, the energy of life and perhaps Love. When visualization works, you’ll just know because you get that feeling. It may only last a moment such as being successful at putting yourself into an imaginary environment, or you may feel it for hours after the experience.

Here’s a quick step-by-step for visualizing successfully, or at least getting a handle on how it can be so:

First, get comfortable. In my own experience, I do best sitting when I meditate as there’s less chance of me falling asleep during my meditations. It can still happen, but it’s more difficult for me to lose consciousness for long when I’m sitting up. Sometimes if you sit on the edge of the bed before going to sleep will work best, forcing you to keep your back straight and your feet flat. However, if you can fall asleep sitting up, too, well just do whatever works best for you in staying awake while meditating.

Whatever your meditation practice, take it to the point where you’re ready to have an inner ‘place’ to rest and focus. Breathe deep, count your breaths, overtone through the chakras or however you focus your thoughts to inner quietude. And now the detailed stuff.

We all have a place that makes us feel ‘at home’, like it is our home. It’s where we feel the most at peace, inwardly and outwardly to others. This is what you will visualize and sense yourself there. I say ‘sense’ because not everyone is strongest in ‘seeing’ a place. Even though the word is “visualization” you don’t have to think in terms of images. The important thing is to just know you are in a peaceful place of your own making. I am using the sense of sight because it’s what I know. I do feel you can replace that with any other sense as you make your realm. Go with what feels natural and add the other senses after.

Now you see your place in whatever amount of detail you can muster at this point. In my first trials, I didn’t see more than a bit of grassy plain around me and no details other than color and a slight intermittent breeze. As I went there more often, I added more details as I could feel them. Here is where you can take your time to just stand, sit, lay, float or whatever, and notice your created world. Feel the vibration of each sensation as you desire to add it. How much time you spend on this is all up to you. Whatever level of detail that you want is what you’ll get. Just building your place can be the focus of many meditation sessions as that alone makes for a powerful experience. Feeling being in a place of your making is a little like going OBE when you make it to those other realms.

Once you’ve built your home grounds, the more often you go there, the more stable it becomes in your thoughts, and the less effort it takes to “visualize”. It will become a mental refuge when you need it or simply want it, and you will be able to bring it to the forefront at a moment’s notice and with little if any effort.

Admittedly, I have less trouble visualizing myself into ‘impossible’ realities, thanks to those vivid lucid dreams still in my memories. I can draw up those sensations in seconds, mentally already ‘there’ like now, even as I type this. I’m standing on all fours in that tranquil place of rolling plains, looking out over it and at myself as if out of body.

I don’t expect everyone to be able to visualize right away from my observations here, but I do hope I have added some dimension to your efforts perhaps not covered by the books written on this very subject. Granted, I’ve never read any of those books as I don’t feel they’re necessary for my own development. For those that have, maybe I’ve touched on things gone unnoticed or deemed unimportant by the rest. Either way, it’s my intent that these thoughts and observations will open doors to better visualizations.

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