Posted by: kentauros | July 19, 2010

I Dream of Djinn

I want to bring the djinn back into this world. No, really, I do. Well, okay, I’ll do it by writing them back, but it’s a good project. It’s also been a very long project. While I have enjoyed writing on this book so far, I still have the problem of staying focused. Too many other things vying for my attention and time. One is the desire to continue writing fanfic. It won’t pay the bills, but it’s a good way to take a break from the book.

This book to which I keep referring is about djinn returning to this world. I’m not going to get into any much more detail than that, save that I can now combine many spiritual ideas and concepts I’ve learned over the years, including OBEs, spirit guides, sacred geometry, chakras, sound, Light and intention. Oh, there’s plenty more than that, but none of this would have been written without my old desires to write fanfic. That developed my skills the most, especially as I took it more and more seriously in the latter years. Not that you can get published by writing fanfic; only that it’s a good medium in which to try things out.

For example, I have a good friend out there that’s published a few short stories here and there in addition to writing a fair amount of IDoJ fanfic. Most of his fanfic has revolved around a series produced by some other mutual friends of ours, so he restricted himself to their particular universe. While I haven’t read any early non-fanfic of his, I have watched his ability grow over the years since the first story he let me and another friend post to a now defunct fiction site we once ran. I’ve seen my own ability grow similarly. Our writing styles are quite different, though his non-fanfic stuff makes me question my own ability more. Maybe I’ll stop reading it for a while…

There is also an advantage to changing your degree plan and switching universities a few times. That is, at least in my experience, they all require you to take their basic English class. Almost all of the ones I can remember focused on the “5-paragraph theme”, assuming everyone had passed in learning the basics in grade school. Art was my last degree-plan change, giving that much more work in essays (art history, ancient texts, advertising analysis.) While I can’t recall most of what was written all those decades ago, something must have sunk in.

So, IDoJ enabled me to see the genre as a whole and create along those lines as well as pointing me to things like Arab folk tales, A Thousand Nights and A Night, and Sufism. The next step is to get it finished, making up a world where a handful of women are ’empowered’ with magic, addressing that ‘master’ issue, and attempting to evolve human society away from some of the messes we’re in now. Lotsa fun!

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