Posted by: kentauros | July 2, 2010

What’s It Like Being A Centaur?

Thanks everyone for the comments so far. I know it’s just the beginning of my foray into this online world-o-writing, so I understand things may drop off later on. I can’t guarantee that everything I write will be comment-worthy to begin with…

Now then, the subject at hand, and a kind of continuation from the last post. Just what is it like being a centaur? No one’s ever asked me this, but I ask myself sometimes. That is, I try and figure out how to describe it. I recognize that not all people have strong imaginations, so what I feel when I think about it might not transcribe well to everyone. My hope is that I can make succinct descriptions that can get anyone into the form, if they so wish. Play with what I write and you might be able to mentally experience any form you wish to take.

The most important aspect I have found in imagining being something other than human is the sensations one can bring to bear on the mind. It’s not enough to just visualize being a centaur or any other form. How does it feel? I have yet to experience a dream of being a centaur (in whatever reality it is) where the feelings are not the strongest memories left when I wake up. Also, they have never been bad feelings. Changing form in my dreams is always fun and pleasing.

So, how does it feel? This is going to take me some time to translate, but y’all won’t have to wait so long.

First off, I do feel like I have more body than in my normal, waking, human-form and life. Then there’s the part about being able to use more appendages than I was born with. Plus, those extra two legs work differently than human legs, the rear pair bending backwards and then the addition of a tail. The moving of my sexual bits doesn’t seem to make a big impression on my mind during these escapades, so that’s probably just as normal a sensation as ever.

Standing still is an interesting experience and sense. It has a very “solid” feel to it, like the sense of balance just to remain upright isn’t as strong as when human. We may not think about our sense of balance much as humans, either, but put a blindfold on sometime and try to walk a balance beam (like a strip of flat molding set on the ground.) You’ll quickly find that your sense of balance is mostly gone and end up stepping badly. As a centaur, I don’t get the feeling that walking blindfolded would be that big of a deal. Balance is enhanced with the extra legs and the fact that they move in opposite pairs.

The next big sensation is that of moving around, be it walking, trotting or galloping (I don’t think I’ve ever done a canter, so I’m leaving that one out.) I can’t say that I’ve had very many of these lucid dreams, but I’m always left with an utter amazement in my ability to move around with ease. How is my mind moving those added legs, and doing so without me falling down into a mess of legs and hooves? I still can’t answer that to myself or anyone else. I just know how to walk, trot and gallop like any equine animal, or centaur. The sensation is like being in complete control of one’s journey, knowing it will work out because it just does. Still, there is that sense of awe best left to those lucky enough to have similar experiences.

There are parallels between this and OBEs with regards to the sensations at work. The feelings associated with getting into and out of an OBE are not there, though. I’ve always just “found” myself in centaur form and then out of it again, either within the dream or upon waking up. What is similar has to do with the sense of freedom to do as you please, to be whatever form you want to take and to adjust your world accordingly. Granted, that’s a major aspect in all lucid dreams, however, most people that lucid-dream are not changing form. They either have their lucid dreams naturally and just go with the flow, or they are programming their minds to have one before they go to sleep at night, usually with some life-amending purpose to accomplish. The numbers of us that want that lucid dream for the purpose of living a life we think is part of our soul are likely a minuscule portion of the general lucid-dreaming populace.

I feel that in order to best describe what it’s like to be something other than human in a dream, lucid or not, is to have one. There’s one site I know of that explains how to program your dreams, and I’ve had some success with it. There was also a similar meditation created by The Monroe Institute for the same purpose. Whatever your method for having a lucid dream and changing form beyond fully human, you will at least get an idea of what it’s like. I encourage all that are interested or intrigued to give it a try.

How to Program Your Dreams In Advance

Mastering the Art of Lucid Dreaming

The Monroe Institute

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