Posted by: kentauros | June 19, 2010

Chiron In Carnate

I had considered making my first post a long-winded affair about how I got into a major subject of my life, that is, centaurs. I’ll save that for another entry, as it is rather long. For now, I’ll limit myself just a bit.

“Chiron” for those not aware, was a centaur in ancient Greece and basically the grandfather of medicine, having taught the likes of Asclepius all about medicine and healing. In the context of this blog, he has more to do with the centaur form, though I’m sure I may write about healing from time to time as well. That’s not my current expertise. Luckily, no one has to be an expert to write on a subject.

What I do have to write is my thoughts, be it on centaurs, fantasy-writing, or just whatever seems pertinent at the time. I certainly resisted having a blog at all for, well, ever and it finally hit me that it might be a good thing to keep me writing. I do have that problem. I’ll write things, but it’s not serious, or it’s only emails, message-board posts and so on. Really getting hunkered down to writing the stuff that has the potential of paying the bills sometimes eludes me, or worse, confounds me. Worry, frustration and plain old boredom are my enemies to writing and writing well. How I’ll deal with them now and in the future might be subjects for blogging.

One thing I will not post is the intricacies of my relationships. That’s not for public view and will not be posted here. Frustrations with work and people not emotionally attached to me are fair game, though.

Writing is my future. Even as the computer-makers and OS-writers decide that they want to eliminate the keyboard, until they can connect directly to my thoughts and make the words appear on the screen exactly as I want them to read, I will continue to be a keyboard chronicler. I am not seeing the world of “Ghost in the Shell” here anytime in the near future, so no worries about the keyboard disappearing for the rest of us. Thankfully, blogging and storytelling requires more than a twitted post.

I can’t prove it, but I can say it.
Stephen Colbert


  1. Eric,

    Your writing has really improved over the past few years. I notice a considerable difference! There seems to be more ‘heart’ in it..almost said ‘meat’..yikes! lol

    look forward to reading your thoughts here. i subscribed to your blog. *~;)

    Love, Dallas

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