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Writing Challenge, Day 2

Do you think people make snap judgments about you based on your appearance? Are they accurate or not?

This hits at my sense of self-worth and self-esteem in just meeting new people. I do think about it, and I know there are several immediate things about my appearance that likely put people off.

First, is my weight, because to be honest, I’m either obese or borderline so (I don’t know the medical classifications of that and my doctor has never stated as much to me.)

Despite being a vegetarian now for the last nineteen years, I am still very much overweight, and one of the primary reasons for that is not enough exercise. What I eat is another issue, though I do try to eat healthier lately. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | March 31, 2019

Pre-Writing Challenge, Day 2

Y’all may be confused by this title, but that’s because yesterday was a fiction-prompt, and I’m not posting it. It turned out to be a good idea, worthy of a short story at least, so I want to develop it.

Now, where did all this begin? At the beginning, as usual.

No, I recently bought the book 5,000 Writing Prompts by Bryn Donovan. Within the introduction is a writing challenge to spend two weeks writing for fifteen minutes per day on one of the many prompts. The method of choosing is to flip through the book and stop on one at random. As I bought the ebook version, it’s difficult to do that, or it is on my elder Kindle. Maybe the newer e-reader devices allow for doing such a thing; I don’t know.

So, I basically transcribed the entire table of contents so that I would have a base for the rolling of dice. Well, I’m still a D’n’D gamer of some sort, though it’s all done online now and not in person on a tabletop. There are sites for digital dice-rolling and you can customize them to roll any number-sided die.

With the book, there are sixty-five sub-categories, and each one says how many prompts are within. Easy peasy. Roll a 1d65, and then roll again with whatever is the number of prompts in that chapter.

My next actual writing challenge (as in next, this evening) I will be doing the writing within the prompts-chapter on autobiographical and blogging. The first roll gave me the sub-chapter, and the second roll gave me the choice of writing about health and appearance. Should be fun!

I’m posting it next, once I’m done editing. I will keep it as complete as I can. That’s the point of non-fiction texts: be honest, especially with yourself.

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Fictionkin and The Origin of Fiction

My take on fictionkin is simple, but also controversial.

I feel that fiction-realities already exist. Authors are simply tapping into those realities via their imagination.

Now, I know many will balk at that, because it says that our imaginations aren’t our own. Well, technically, that’s true, if you believe you have an inner spirit or soul. I can’t speak for atheists and agnostics; they will believe science in place of my beliefs and that’s fine. This is my belief.

I consider myself a writer of fiction as well as non-fiction (blogs.) I have absolutely no problem with the idea that I’m channeling the stories of my characters from their universes. They want their story told and shared with my world, and I’m a messenger that can write it up for them. Their reality inspires me. Read More…

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Hither and thither, from place to place.

As anyone who has stumbled in here in the last year can attest, I haven’t been writing much. And yet, I still write, just not on the blog. What’s worse, is that I have several posts on my AlphaSmart that I have written up. I could post them, in a while. They’ll need editing.

Like a repeat of last year, I’m dealing with a bothersome tooth. However, unlike January of last year, I am thankfully not dealing with that urological problem I had and endured for several months after. The only additional issue is the seemingly seasonal upper chest congestion which required prescriptions from my doctor.

Speaking of her, I think I made her day, her month, her year, when I was asking her about dosage for the Symbicort inhaler I need but can’t afford. When I showed her a print-out of a Canadian online pharmacy (found through an excellent site called PharmacyChecker) she was stunned at the difference in price. Here, a 160-puff/4.5mcg per dose Symbicort inhaler costs $312. Whereas on the one site I ended up using, the generic 4.5mcg/puff inhaler was 360 doses for $55 (the generic is not offered in the US of A.) I gave her the printout because she was going to help one of her other patients, due to their insurance rejecting payment of the same medication.

Right now, even though I’m on an antibiotic for my tooth, I have a 99 fever. I wondered why I was still cold even with the heat on (normally it heats quite well.) I’ll probably take a melatonin and go to bed soon.

One reason I felt the need to update this besides needing to blog some more, was to at least give any new viewers a look at some of my insights and into my psyche. That’s what the Internet is for, or at least for blogs. I’ll get into more Otherkin thoughts soon, including one djinni-centaur life that reads well enough to be a fictional story. I have considered turning it into a book.

My publishable writing has suffered from me focusing more on my Otherkin lives and musings within that topic. While I could certainly have something people might like to read, I have an existing story where I have bogged down in editing and figuring out how to tie certain passages together. I had written them when I had an idea and did not have an idea of where they’d go within the whole story. Plus, I really need to twist my villain more and show how she gets that way. One of my favorite villains is Alfred Bester of Babylon 5, because while he is despicable, he still manages to have a heart in there somewhere. Character-complexity is perhaps my nemesis.

Well, I think it’s time to trot off to bed, once I take something for this fever.

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Here’s a little bit of real life for those of you who haven’t yet moved out to be on your own.

At the moment, I am both pissed off with and shaking my head at the density of my landlords head. Honestly, do they go to a special landlord school in order to learn how to be as dense and clueless as possible? Or does the position simply attract that type of person to it?

Here’s what’s been happening since the end of last month. Electricity issues. In my particular complex, we do have the benefit of something called “All Bills Paid” (ABP) which is that the landlord pays for our water, gas, electricity, and garbage collection. He also has two water boilers for our hot water (instead of individual units for each apartment.)

Now, the first issue was that, due to the City of Houston inspecting the electrical situation coming into the complex, he has had to re-wire all of the circuit boxes on the rear wall of the main building (three buildings here, one big one, and two smaller ones, 16 units total.)
Read More…

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Another Kintype?

It’s about time I made a new post. I have written things for posting in the past and then nixed them, so let’s do a spur of the moment one.

The Otherkin stuff remains on my mind, even though I’m pretty well settled with the identity of centaur (in other words, my “kintype” is “centaur.”) Even so, there continues to be strong pangs of longing and similar feelings towards centaurs.

What is new is the idea of adding another kintype. That would be “djinni.” However, notice that I said it’s a new idea; I haven’t decided on its veracity to me, and, as happened with just admitting that I was centaurkin, it may be another year or two before I do that with this one. Read More…

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Injurious Insult

This post is about a couple of incidents in the last twenty-four hours, one from a friend, and the other from someone in a chatroom for us Otherkin.

I’ll start with the chatroom. This was in the spiritual room for chat at Kinmunity. So, I’m already assuming it will be a relative safe-haven for spiritual discussion.

As it turned out, I learned that my beliefs of Infinite Universes doesn’t mesh with established scientific and philosophical ideas, and instead are an indicator of “Tumblrkin.” That is, kin that are dismissed as either fake or “fluff” and therefore targets for mocking and ridicule. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | September 11, 2016

Dreams and Otherkin Identity

I’m going against the mainstream and the materialists here because I don’t accept the common definition of dreams, that they are purely functions of the brain and mind, and nothing else.

I’m also posting here and on tumblr because it’s one of those topics that would not go over well on Kinmunity, even though I love that site in every other way.

My spiritual beliefs are accepted as a means of being Otherkin as well as a means of validation. And yet…and yet, my spiritual beliefs with regard to dreams are not accepted. Well, either you accept all of it or you only accept the materialist definition of Otherkin, which is that it’s all in our minds, psychologically-based only.

I do sometimes get the impression that the spiritual basis for Otherkin is only grudgingly allowed due to so many using that as their means of identification. If they didn’t let us in, their community would be woefully tiny. Or, people would agree to their terms just to get into the community and do their best not to say anything related to spirit and Otherkin.

Dreams are one of the biggest reasons I identify as centaurkin. Because I believe that dreams are a direct connection to Spirit and its infinite worlds. When I dream, I’m in those worlds, whether as a centaur, a djinni, or just my natural human self. I’m visiting deceased friends and family because they are there and my dream-state is an easy means of getting to them. It’s also an easy means of being my Otherkin selves and forms in their natural realms. When I dream, I’m out of my mind!

I suspect this will give fuel to those often mocked as “fluffy” to the chagrin of the materialists. Honestly, I don’t care how they react. If you accept that I have non-materialist beliefs, then accept them all. Don’t cherry-pick.

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