Posted by: kentauros | September 16, 2017

Another Kintype?

It’s about time I made a new post. I have written things for posting in the past and then nixed them, so let’s do a spur of the moment one.

The Otherkin stuff remains on my mind, even though I’m pretty well settled with the identity of centaur (in other words, my “kintype” is “centaur.”) Even so, there continues to be strong pangs of longing and similar feelings towards centaurs.

What is new is the idea of adding another kintype. That would be “djinni.” However, notice that I said it’s a new idea; I haven’t decided on its veracity to me, and, as happened with just admitting that I was centaurkin, it may be another year or two before I do that with this one. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | January 3, 2017

Injurious Insult

This post is about a couple of incidents in the last twenty-four hours, one from a friend, and the other from someone in a chatroom for us Otherkin.

I’ll start with the chatroom. This was in the spiritual room for chat at Kinmunity. So, I’m already assuming it will be a relative safe-haven for spiritual discussion.

As it turned out, I learned that my beliefs of Infinite Universes doesn’t mesh with established scientific and philosophical ideas, and instead are an indicator of “Tumblrkin.” That is, kin that are dismissed as either fake or “fluff” and therefore targets for mocking and ridicule. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | September 11, 2016

Dreams and Otherkin Identity

I’m going against the mainstream and the materialists here because I don’t accept the common definition of dreams, that they are purely functions of the brain and mind, and nothing else.

I’m also posting here and on tumblr because it’s one of those topics that would not go over well on Kinmunity, even though I love that site in every other way.

My spiritual beliefs are accepted as a means of being Otherkin as well as a means of validation. And yet…and yet, my spiritual beliefs with regard to dreams are not accepted. Well, either you accept all of it or you only accept the materialist definition of Otherkin, which is that it’s all in our minds, psychologically-based only.

I do sometimes get the impression that the spiritual basis for Otherkin is only grudgingly allowed due to so many using that as their means of identification. If they didn’t let us in, their community would be woefully tiny. Or, people would agree to their terms just to get into the community and do their best not to say anything related to spirit and Otherkin.

Dreams are one of the biggest reasons I identify as centaurkin. Because I believe that dreams are a direct connection to Spirit and its infinite worlds. When I dream, I’m in those worlds, whether as a centaur, a djinni, or just my natural human self. I’m visiting deceased friends and family because they are there and my dream-state is an easy means of getting to them. It’s also an easy means of being my Otherkin selves and forms in their natural realms. When I dream, I’m out of my mind!

I suspect this will give fuel to those often mocked as “fluffy” to the chagrin of the materialists. Honestly, I don’t care how they react. If you accept that I have non-materialist beliefs, then accept them all. Don’t cherry-pick.

Posted by: kentauros | January 12, 2016

A Case for Factkin

I know this is going to upset quite a few in the Otherkin community, but I hope to explain this type of kin in a way that can be pondered in a positive manner.

First off, the current definition of Factkin: A person who identifies as or believes they are, spiritually or psychologically, a person from the ‘real world’, whether from the past or the present.

Now, here’s why I think they can be part of the community. It all has to do with two concepts, both of which I’ve discussed before on this blog. That is, the topics of “other lives” and “simultaneous time.” Of course, all of this depends upon beliefs in souls, and in the idea that souls have more than one life. Many spirituality-based Otherkin already have such beliefs as the basis of their identities. I’ll leave the psychologically-based factkin up to those that believe it’s all psychology and not spirituality. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | January 3, 2016

A Writer’s Fictionkin

I hope to assuage one particular concern my fellow kin may have about this topic. What I see coming up again and again is that they would not like it if someone stated being fictionkin of one of their characters. Well, here’s how I look at this, as an aspiring writer as well.

I believe in an infinite number of universes.

Think about that.


Not finite.

An unlimited number of universes. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | December 17, 2015

Mythology and Otherkin

Many Otherkin with whom I’ve met and had discussions sometimes question whether they can be Otherkin at all due to their inner knowing not matching established mythologies. I’d like to take a few of y’all’s moments to dispel this ‘myth.’

Mythologies are helpful guides and a good starting point. However, they are stories based on ancient people’s perception of their world at that time. They may have existed, depending on your belief as to whether that’s possible (gateways from other worlds, alien creations through genetic engineering, other universes overlapping this one, etc.) They may also have been shamanic visions of different realities. While I can accept any of that, I acknowledge not all can. That’s fine.

However, if your kin is based on a mythology, you’re already in an area some Otherkin can’t accept as having any basis in fact. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | October 10, 2015

Peaceful Maker

This post began from reading an excellent article on masculine energy. For those that may be new to my blog, this is in relation to spirituality, usually of the New Age variety. The article, for those that I hope will read it is Redefining the Sacred Masculine.

What this story brought home to me is one major annoyance I’ve had with the New Age community as a whole, and for years. That is, it’s lopsided to the Feminine. What little there is of masculine energy and icons are the few you would expect, such as the male Christian God, Jesus, Archangel Michael, Buddha, one or two Hindu gods (most often Ganesh), and a smattering of Native Americans. Pretty much every goddess out there is represented for the feminine energy, and the mythological icons are the strongly or solely feminine, too (mermaids, angels, fairies, unicorns, and sometimes Pegasus.) The last two are always male in mythology, but have been somewhat feminized with regards to their energy, I guess to be more agreeable to most buyers. Read More…

Posted by: kentauros | July 22, 2015

Flourless Chocolate Cake – Recipe and Photos

Okay, I’m posting this as a good basic link for both the recipe and the step-by-step photos I made a few years ago in order to share it better online. I would also like to veganize it, and will get that help elsewhere, unless any of y’all know a method now? I figure I can replace the egg whites with aquafaba, but am unsure how to do so with the yolks and butter.

The following recipe is best attempted by those that are not only intimately familiar with the baking of cakes in general, but also love to bake. Otherwise, it might be too involved and advanced for the casual baker/cook. Just fair warning in case anyone makes it and ruins it on their first try! It’s not that bad (or hard) but I also had years of experience at baking before I tried this one.

Read More…

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